Hilary Duff ‘Not Provocative Like Others’

Hilary Duff, former Disney star is all grown up and back in the studio. For the first time in seven years Hilary Duff shares some of the secrets to her success and why she decided to step away rather than end up another Disney celebrity train wreck in a recent Globe & Mail interview.

To be original, be yourself: ‘I’m working with producer Billy Mann and he has so much great advice and wisdom. One of the things he’ll say to me is, ‘You’ve gotta do you. Everyone else is taken.’ The music has changed a lot since I was last recording. There are a lot of artists out there being really provocative, wearing certain clothes and performing in certain ways, but right now that’s just not me.

I’ve always tried to stay true to who I am and present that to the public because I think when you’re not authentic, people can smell it on you. Besides, if everyone’s doing the same thing then even being provocative isn’t really provocative.” Full UNDER + Candid pix of her playing with her baby Luca in Beverly Hills!

Don’t be scared to say enough: “I’m lucky that I have managed to stay out of a lot of the drama that comes with being young and famous. There’s really no right or wrong. I think I was lucky that when a lot of my peers were reaching the heights of their careers, I decide to take a step back. I had been touring for four years, I was 19 and I just said, “Enough.” There is so much pressure. I was employing so many people with my tours and paparazzi culture was getting out of control and I just didn’t have any freedom to have a life. I stayed away for 3.5 years – I met my husband, I got married. Taking the time to learn who I am and who I want to be really helped. Now I’m ready to jump back in.”

With a name comes responsibility: “Giving back has always been a part of life. We grew up in Texas and my mom instilled in us how important it is to give back. She would always do things such as adopt an underprivileged family over the holidays and collect diapers and formula. I particularly enjoy working with children’s charities, I guess because I started working with charities when I was young and my fan base is young. Right now I’m working with Duracell on their Powering Holiday Smiles campaign. I got to visit the hospital and hang out and sing with the kids. If I can use my name and my position to spread the word about meaningful causes, I am so happy to do it.”


  • smb

    Tell the truth, Her movies except Lizzy Mcguire flopped, and her concert tour wasn’t that great. Doesn’t sound like someone who is true to herself.

    • cerenagee

      How in the world does her sales imply that she isn’t true to herself? She isn’t compromising who she is as a person or an artist in order to get sales or attention.

    • IGround

      I see no head nor tail to that conclusion.

  • YouCouldShutTheHeckUp

    At least she is being mature. She has a child, she is being successful, and that is really want matters for someone who got out of Disney years ago. She took a break to support her child and actually be a mother, and finally came back to pursue her dreams. #respect

  • cerenagee

    Hell yeah I’m so stoked to hear her stuff. I love hduff and respect her a whole lot. Majority of her generation of Disney stars ended up well off and with a good head on their shoulders

  • Zaina777

    Molly “whore” Cyrus could learn a thing or two from this woman.

    • :)

      Blah, blah, blah!

      • Zaina777

        Don’t you have Jelena to go obsess over.

    • RegReach

      Reach out and touch me bitch

  • JUG

    Miley is a better singer than Hilary, not that it really matters. But on pure singing talent alone, I’m not sure how far Hilary would get. I would compare her singing to Ashley, Vanessa or Selena. With lots of bells and whistles (marketing, promo, great studio engineers, guest rappers, top flight songwriters) they could sell but if they just sang with a guitar or piano, nobody would take a second look. Hope Hilary has a strong team lined up to produce and promote her CD so she can be herself.

    • WatchOut

      To be honest mileys voice is not enjoyable at all for my ears but that’s me.
      the only disney kid that can sing is Demi

      • Cici

        Agreed. I can handle a few ballads from her, but then I have to turn her off.

  • Hollyhysteria

    Preach it girl!

  • Clauber

    Im so excited

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Tbh Hilary has had her provactive moments.her video after the dignity era ‘ reach out and touch me had to be censored there are those pics after she got engaged…
    all in all i cant wait for her new music though.

  • RegReach


    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      yes lol, never forget

  • Cici

    I CAN NOT WAIT. It’s almost like when Aly & Aj came back. Beyond stoked. I hope she brings something actually good & brand new to the table. I actually loved her Dignity album….but going to go listen to the Metamorphosis album now. Nostalgia<3

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      i havent heard metamorphosis yet, i should listen.i became a fan during the dignity era but i know all her old singles

  • NOTAmandaBynes?

    She wasn’t a flop.
    Quit talking shit about the original disney queen who paved the way for Miley, Selena, Demi, and so on.
    First girl with a disney show to sign to Hollywood records.
    I was lucky enough to have her and Miley in my childhood.

  • johnny

    Hilary was a great teen star. But it wasn’t necessarily cause of talent or sales. It was because times were a lot simpler and she didn’t try too hard to break the teen star mold. Although I love Hilary I would have to say Miley, Demi, and Selena showcase better talent than Hilary did. Miley owned teen stardom but has way to much personality. Selena lacks a lot of personality like Hilary, but I found her to be a better actress because of it, but she messed up when she tried to be a pop star. It took away the excuse to be so reserved . It disconnects her from her music(probably cause she doesn’t write it).Demi has a brand personality(constant) that makes think she’ll last longer, but Sonny and Camp Rock aren’t really quality Disney fan favorites. Although a like Hilary a lot better, I can see why she didn’t have the following the Holy Disney trinity does.

  • boystan


  • feijf

    she was my idol back in the day. but in my opinion it will be a little hard for her to jump in the train again.
    considering so many people wont know who she is. its been almost 7 years since her last record. her self titled álbum hilary duff was my fav. that was back in 2003-2005 i was 11 now im 21 and i cant wait to hear her stuff. i hope she doesnt come up with techno pop like she did in dignity.

    she may not be the best singer in the world but her voice is so sweet and soft and she really worked up on her concerts.

    i still remember when she used to date joel maden and got super skinny!!

    • Gianni

      Ahem? Won’t know who she is? There are 23 people previously people above your comments, the “trinity” LOL itself , many who keep adding her name n “childhood” in the same sentence. Buzzfeed readers and writers, lorde, Perez Hilton, the random music producer names I only just heard of since duff started following them (and they too) , the entire state of Canada, those guys up in ATRL, the weird guys up in ohnotheydidnt, Aaron carter, pretty sure the entire cast of thundermans, liv n Maddie, and that weird new show EVERY WITCH wAy that can prove otherwise

      • fiejt

        so? they are blogs. what i mean is that 7 years later many of her old fans have moved on and many teenagers now 14-17-18 will not know who she is.

        look at aaron carter for instance. he’s been touring across the country. his audience isnt as large as 11 years. mostly old fans who still support him and loved him back in the day.

        what i mean is that it will be a little bit hard for hilary duff to have the same groundbreaking success she had 10 years ago. just look at how everything has changed in 7 years from 2007. this isnt 2003 anymore and she had lizzie mcguire.

        but hey im stoked to hear her new material and i might be wrong.

  • jgg

    I think I’m the only person who doesn’t ONLY associate her with my childhood. She has had quite a few movies since Lizzie McGuire – that one was just the most well-known.

    She’s also an author- in 2010 she wrote a trilogy of books that was pretty entertaining and I loved each one!! (They are called Elixir, Devoted, and True).

    I LOVED her Dignity album and each album before that. Her role in “War Inc” was very provocative, and so was one of her music videos (I won’t name it because I don’t want you guys to look it up and suddenly change your perspective of her – it seemed like something the record label wanted her to do- very awkward). She also played a suicidal teenager in According to Greta. All of these roles went completely unnoticed. But that’s what I like about her – she keeps that trait in her work only -NOT in her everyday personality.

    She is still the same charity-giving, bubbly, funny, gorgeous, down to earth woman, and I’ll always look up to her :)

    Some of my favorite songs are “Dignity” “Play With Fire” “Jericho” “Someone’s Watching Over Me” and “I Am” and “Workin It Out” and “Now You Know”

    • fiejt

      i loved metamorphosis, the little voice, come clean, that girl, jericho and james deán

    • reachoutandtouchmeh! trololol

      The music video you won’t name is ‘Reach Out’ hurpaderp we all seen it! lololol I saw it when it came out.