Katy Perry ‘My Tix Cheaper Than Peers’

katy-perry-cheap-ticketsKaty Perry revealed that her tickets are reasonably priced compared to her peers. Most notably, meet and greet packages for Miley Ray Cyrus’ BANGERZ Tour 2014 cost a disgusting $995. Katy told Capital FM that she is getting in shape for the tour: ‘Nothing a bit of stockings and spanx won’t do!

But I think that I just am excited to get my tour legs back under me. And I want to have a sold-out tour! All of my tickets are very reasonably priced, really reasonably priced, especially compared to my peers. I kind of did all the research for that, I just want anybody to be able to come to my show!’

Are YOU going to see Katy or Miley on tour this year?


  • Aria

    I have tickets for Katy’s concert at the O2 in london and they are way better priced then Miley’s tickets at the same place. Love Katy <3

  • :)


    Gee, when was this picture taken?

    • Aria

      2010. Oceanup is real late.

      • :)

        Well that’s a real shocker.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I’m going to both shows! I hope I’m not disappointed

  • javi g

    $995 can help the homeless or the food banks not a rich girl get richer. what the hell miley or her producers are thinking.with that you can pay rent or help you with college. they think for some people the economy is fine?

  • Tash

    It could be her being nice or shes just looking to fill the seats. Who knows.

  • Tash

    There are plenty of other absurd people out there. Annoying that miley always gets the hate.

  • Cici


  • Cici

    The fact that Miley thinks she’s worth $995 to be met for like 30 seconds is insane. ..especially from the middle class who is the majority of her seat fillers. There is so much more that almost a thousand dollars can do that is actually worth it.

    • thatdork

      She wins her living by twerking and sticking out her tongue, and the worst part is that people pay almost a thousand dollars to see that live.

      • :)

        It sucks doesn’t it! lmao. I’m going to see her not for her sticking out her tongue or twerking but for her actual vocal’s because the bitch can sing and she puts on a good show.

      • Cici

        Exactly. Cause you know no one really wants to go hear her sing for 3 hours straight.

  • Mila

    SUPPLY and DEMAND. Basic economics.

    Nobody wants to PAY to see her perform. That’s why.

    • thatdork

      You’re saying that nobody wants to go to a Katy Perry concert?


    • Guest

      Katy Perry has sold more concerts at the O2 unlike Miley who couldn’t sell even nearly that many so nice try but not good enough.

    • Guest

      Katy perry has sold more concerts at the O2 unlike Miley who couldn’t sell even nearly that many so nice try but not good enough.


    • Aria

      Prism outsold Bangerz.


    • soft ghetto

      I never knew how delusional miley stans really were but your comment just confirmed it for me.

    • anon

      Miley is close to start her tour and she just have two concerts close to sell out thus far. The blog that leaks things about her says they will start to discount tickets prices

  • YouCouldShutTheHeckUp

    Just because we can’t see your titties doesn’t mean we can’t see your boobs, Katy.

  • thatdork

    995 dollars to go see a bish trying to twerk? That could feed a family in need.


  • laura

    Just the fact that she even asks money to hear her sing is shameful. The woman couldn’t sing to save her life.

    • boystan


  • boystan

    i still want to see her anyway i saw the california dreams tour 3 times and it was amazing

  • BangBang

    995 dollars??!! But why?

    • :)

      She didn’t set the price range. Actually she wanted to lower the price but I guess that was a no go.

  • Amanda

    I saw Katy about two years ago in concert and her tickets were very well priced, and the show was awesome! I recommend y’all to go see her :)