‘Liam Payne Wouldn’t Let Go Of Sophia’

liam-payne-and-girlfriend-sophia-smithLiam Payne and his girlfriend Sophia Smith were kissing in line at the movie theater in London’s Westfield shopping center. @International1D: ‘He wouldn’t let go of her, he kept grabbing her and hugging her and kissing her.. Didn’t take his eyes off her.

They looked really happy together tbh, he woulnd’t let go of her. Liam picked up an empty popcorn box and was hitting Sophia (playfully) on the had with it, it was really sweet’. Two friends on joined them. + new 1D Japan photo shoot!

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  • Duckyhoward15

    Danielle is on fire hahaha

  • boystan

    lies :(

  • BangBang


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Well someone is madly in love. He got over Danielle rather fast though. Hm.