‘Miley Epitome Of Society’s Moral Failure’

miley-cyrus-nude-bikini-worst-dressedActor Sir David Jason told The Sun that Miley Cyrus is the epitome of society’s moral failings: ‘Miley Cyrus epitomises what we have allowed. She has done it to break the mould. I can understand why, but we have given her the oxygen of publicity and encouraged it, so young girls will think it is the right way to attract men. We’ve lost our standards.’

It just drips and it takes us further and further down, and instead of inspiring us to look up, we are all looking down. It doesn’t have to be swearing or sexual. But what they show is violence in another way, which is aggression, people being very unkind and shouting at each other, and being rude to each other.’

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    lol, when will these people realize the only way Miley will go away and be forgotten is when they stop taking about her?

    your giving her the attention she wants and each article like this makes her more relevant.

    • :)

      Miley took 2yrs. off and was still in the news for doing nothing. So she’s not going anywhere, anytime soon!

      • Godney

        Wolrdwide news? or just blog news? there is a big difference.

        • Anon

          Lol this is so true.

          • Godney

            it is. Just because she was on OU or perezhilton doesnt mean she was making news.

    • Cici

      I agree. Not giving her the shock value she is hunting down will force her to reinvent herself again.

  • Boo

    He’s just another rich white man who thinks his views on morality is how others should think. Who gave him the power to tell women how they should behave and how they should express themselves? If anything, it’s people like him that is wrong for society. This isn’t just about Miley, it’s about women in general. There’s nothing wrong with Miley, if she chooses to portray herselve the way she does then that is her CHOICE. That’s the beauty in it, she has a choice and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just because a woman uses sexuality to express herself does not necessarily mean she wants the attention of a man, and when men finally realize this then maybe they wouldn’t feel like they’re entitled to tell women how to act.

    • johnny

      She does it for attention though. After listening to her album I found nothing really racy or sexually artistic about. Their are plenty of women who don’t act that and get a great deal of respect and admiration. Its just their reaching for a different audience and effect than Miley.

      • Boo

        But you have to understand that he is not talking about Miley wanting attention, he’s talking about her use of sexuality and swear words in her music and think that society is wrong for allowing a woman to do that.

        • johnny

          He didn’t say it was wrong for allowing a women to do that , but its wrong to praise a women for doing that when she’s truly only promoting it to young girls. Which is semi true. Cause honestly everything she does has all ready been done. Its just a new method and new generation being inspired and motivated to do things that has proven to be a problem for young girls and even young men. But a lot of people like the writer forget is that a lot of young people grow out of these phases after learning its more to life.

          • Boo

            But no one is praising her in that way? All the praise I have read about Miley is about her music, not her boobs. No one is praising her for using sexuality, they just accept it. That’s his problem, he believes society went wrong for accepting sexual behavior from women. And Miley is not responsible for anyone’s kids. It is not her responsibility to raise young girls, it’s their parents.

          • Jo

            Even though I see no one praising her about her music, either…Boo is right…I don’t see anyone talking about how “sexy” she is (which she’s really not).

    • Yaman S

      Her so called ”choice” is socially constructed and a result of the moral decay that is the music and entertainment industry.

  • JUG

    This guy is missing the point. Miley does not care about society. She cares about her music video getting the most views in one day on Vevo and her becoming as famous as possible. If society has to suffer in the process then tough. As long as she is on top and making money, society is irrelevant. Harsh but true. This is the world we live in. Every man and woman for himself/herself.

  • johnny

    I know Miley gets a lot unnecessary criticism , but the majority of her fans are under 18 or 21. Things are praised in the media but handled differently in real life. Act like her in real life you may not be called trashy in your face, but it definitely being thought and passed around about you.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’m so tired of Miley.. I just. Whatever. She doesn’t care about how bad she looks, she doesn’t care about how fucked up society is or that she’s contributing, she doesn’t care if other girls think it’s cool to act like a whore. As long as she’s on top she doesn’t care.

    • nonfiction

      This and she also doesn’t care that she’s being used to HELP portray that her image is okay and what every young woman should be doing to express themselves. which is wrong. boycott miley and every other “celebrity” that does this until they stop making money off of helping society go down the drain. then they’ll change.

      • JUG

        I don’t like boycotts but why don’t we instead start by supporting young artists with REAL talent who are willing to say no to PR stunts like fake dating, vagina/boob flashes, sex tapes and faux religiosity. If we all gave 100% of our support to this kind of artist then we will get more of them instead of the kinds of “singers” who dominate today’s pop charts. We hold the power people. Miley is truly nothing without us.

    • cerenagee

      This this this this andddd this.

    • Ciara

      I agree so much , I understand she wants to be sexual and stuff, but she has to know her damn line! I love Beyonce’s new album and I agree it’s sexual , but Beyonce knows the line of how sexual you can get , she goes from sexual to classy in two songs, her songs are actually relateable and have mostly some message, specially those standing up for women in ‘Flawless’. I used Beyonce as example because she is good looking and she loves to show it off, but not in a trashy way. Woman not afraid to show her beauty and body in the right way is not a slut of course, Beyonce is also 32, married and she never had scandals and pulled off pr stunts, dated new fame boys nothing, she was independent all the time and did all the right things, Rihanna to me is shit compared to Beyonce, even though she has mroe #1’s.. But this what Miley is doing is just…I don’t get it? Yes you can be sexual and American’s are mostly all stereo-type’s and everything is slutty to them if it’s not ”acceptable” for kids or covered up completely or whatever, you should be yourself as Miley says, but I am sure there’s another way to be yourself. I am already bored of Miley’s shit, but not for example Beyonce, cause she knows what she’s doing and she is actually being herself. Not a product adapting itself for publicity and success.

      • Godney

        I am not a Beyonce fan but she does know very well how to proyect herself and her music. She knows what sexual and sensual she can get and push it without push it to far.
        Rihanna to me doesnt give one fuck, she is not bout that life tho. But if she gets called a slut she doesnt give a fuck.

  • Mila

    This man is a KNOWN PEDOPHILE.

    He is in NO CONDITION to be talking about moral failings!

    • Kelz

      I looked up this man and see nothing stating he is a pedo!

  • Clauber

    It sadly calls marketing

  • Absolutely Not

    David Jason is afraid of Miley’s power because she’s a woman!!! Men have been performing in music videos far worse than the things Miley has put out for more than a decade but of course it’s only when the woman does it that anyone has anything to say about it!

    • Gigi

      No rappers have gotten a lot of critisism over the past 2 decades for having almost naked women in their videos. It’s always been hot topic. I don’t know why people are acting like its a new anti feminist movement , when most women prefer not to be over sexualized because it shows your only a distraction for society. I think he’s mad cause she has a young fan base.

      • Godney

        I do agree (as a feminist) that woman get alot of bullshit. But to me with miley seems fake, take beyonce and it seems so neutral and natural while miley is being following this path of “crazy and wild”. Maybe thats why. (by maybe i mean 50 % is that and the other is pure male bullshit)

        Miley should be doing whatever she wants and dress how ever she wants.
        But she souldnt have use black steriotypes and culture for this era. Thats for sure.

  • TrueSmiler

    Oh Gosh, the idiocy of some Smilers is higher each day.

    Should be influence of their idol.

    Just the truth.

    Sad, very very sad.

  • boystan


  • Godney

    I agree and disagree in this.
    I do think society is making young girls bad, but alot it has to do on the parents.
    Miley doesnt give one fuck about her younger fans or if young girls look up to her, she shouldnt.

    But miley is playing with fire and she is gonna get burn, her fanbase is not what she is looking for.
    Most of her fanbase are still very younge and alot of parents wont allow for her kids to go to see her on tour, or buy her music or anything related to her.
    She is making the audience bored, what else could she do now? leak a sex tape?
    Is the same with gaga, she is nothing new anymore, she has nothing new to bring anymore. The same is goin to happen with miley.
    People will get bored and she will be in those “where are they now?” list if she keeps this way.

    But prob this is just a “phase” and she will go and be “her real self” again for another album

    • :)

      You seem so sure of yourself about the audience being bored or that her fanbase is very young. Miley is going after the older crowd now which she should do and it seems to be working. I know several people over the age of 21 and they like the new Miley. Now I know I’m not speaking for everyone but apparently what she’s doing is working. People just need to STFU and leave her alone.

      • Godney

        Of course i seem sure of myself, why would i comment if im not? lol.
        Yes, she does have fans over 18, but thats not the mayority of her fans, she knows that. THATS why she is acting the way she is, because she wants to let go of all the disney things, including little girls adoring her.
        If you see most of her performance are teenagers.
        she wants bigger audience but alot of the bigger audience (outside usa) wont fall for it.
        I sure you the next album she puts out wont be NOTHING like bangerz. NOTHING.
        What she is doing is helping her with fame, not with being an artist. Two different thigs.
        She will run out of wild things to do, eventually she will. People just wont care anymore. THATS when she will release another album and she will be “the real” miley, she will say whats she is been saying for the last two albums “this is the real me, i found myself”…

        *When i say people i dont mean fans. I mean general public

  • Emmy

    I think true moral failure comes from those who chose to cheat, kill, rob, and rape. Not Miley. We have the Bernie Madoffs and Ted Bundys of the world who represent real moral failure. I’m sick of people using her as a scapegoat for the world’s problems. It’s pathetic. Miley is harmless, if you don’t want to watch, then don’t. But I don’t hear her badmouthing people in the press for no reason or stirring up drama against others. Look at how she doesn’t speak ill of Disney now, she just parted quietly. How about we focus on the real problems rather than a pop star?