Olivia Culpo Maniac Magazine Shoot

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    she may be a gold digger, but shes a hot gold digger. get that check boo!

    • guest1

      Olivia never hid her goals. she always admitted her obsession with celebrity and she wants to be in limelight whether acting singing, or being a tv host. also, she is smart because she was at a knicks game with waka flocka (pic was on his and another girl instagram) and she was hanging out with Maxwell a lot even going to each others b-day parties yet she kept it quiet. however, any white celebrity she is around Lochte, Seth, and nick she makes sure gets to press where she has to address it even if its fake.

      • anon

        one word: famewhore

  • boystan

    she’s a model?