Selena New Adidas Shoot + Jelena Love

selena-adidas-newlovejelenajNew Selena Gomez Adidas NEO photo shoot coming Feb. 4.

Justin Bieber is still desperately in love with Selena Gomez even though he reportedly had sex with several prostitutes after there emotionally devastating breakup last year. Lil Bieby posted a beautiful sunrise picture in reference to his re-established love with Selena feels deeply. Milk Tyson said the Jelena photo is real.

Do YOU think Bieber is using Selena to get back to his former glory days?


  • ty

    sorry ou but that is not selena you are wrong

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    maybe justin is comforting her with whatever is going on with her, i ran out of excesses for them being together tbh lol

    • HTown

      It’s so hard to believe that they’re actually back together after all that drama and shit going on. I cannot think of anything else then publicity, Bieber might be on break but Selena isn’t, she simply canceled her tour cause she’s lazy, she has plenty of stuff coming out. He doesn’t, and why would he use her now on year break? Lol, Ou’s delusional. If Bieber wanted publicity from a relationship he would then date another girl, that would bring him more attention then looking like a fool coming back to someone who caused his heartbreak entire year? It’s just stupid and I can bet they will last for 1 month. They always seemed so fake and staged. And what could she possibly be going through? Lupus story is just a cover up for her canceling her tour, obvious. She never seemed that upset about their break up, I’m sure if she really was she would show it off sooner or later.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        i dont know whats going onwith them,but your right it is very obvious justin loves her and is way more into the relationship than selena.its weird because shekind of bashes him whenthey are not together and he never has bashed her.she even put on of his sad voice mails on her song lol as if he meant nothing to her.

  • boystan

    ay selenita

  • lovely

    my ex & i have been on/off for the past 3 years.. we started dating around the same time jelena did & broke up around the same time. i’m 20 & so is my ex… and i can honestly see why jelena’s on/off all the time is cuz they’re both young, in love, & stupid. that’s all i gotta say.. as much as i love my ex we have a lot of problems we can’t seem to get resolved but i still run back to him is cuz he’s my comfort zone & the person i trust the most. i know ppl are like “if u guys can’t stay together they break up” but it’s really hard to when your ex was basically your first bf, first love & the first person you’ve sexually encountered with and the most important thing of all is your best friend. it’s gonna take time to move on, so i don’t see the problem with them two getting together do ur thing but just try not to get hurt in the end. (this is just my point of view on things, im not saying that this entirely implies to them)

    • anonymous

      the answer is to move on to whatever is actually important in your lives. at 20 don’t you have school or work to be interested in?

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I’ve been in that back & forth relationship as well, 5 years with him and when I walked away for the final time it was just that. He thought otherwise but I couldn’t anymore, it does something to you mentally, you become tired. Not only does it hurt you but it hurts the people around you. It’s fucked up. The only thing is I didn’t lose my virginity and that was the cause for many of our break ups and I thank God I didn’t, he wasn’t the one and I knew that. There’s so much more to this life than relationships and when you start to see that walking away from people that’s no good for you becomes easy.

      • anonymous

        “didn’t lose my virginity”

        good job

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Thank yooou!

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        aww im sorry marina , you were smart to leave. hope your better

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Awe thank you, love and I am.

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            no problem

    • Thinking Individual

      Yeah but all the on and off ( unstable ) relationships end up very bad and never last forever. If you really love someone you won’t leave them and hurt them unpurpose, you will work things out. My parents met at 17, married at 23 and had me at 25. They’re still in love as they were back then, they had couple of fights but they simply find compromise and worked it out! It takes two for a relationship, if in theirs it’s only one who’s truly in love and gets hurt then they should not get back together and go back and forth, it’s stupid and they’re wasting their time. They just don’t seem thy type for each other at all.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I can’t tell if that’s her or not but cute

  • uio

    Is not her is another celebretie she dosent look like selena sorry but nice try ou haha

  • Ee

    Well she is pretty to be selena by the way she dosent look like that her face is diferent

  • Silver

    It looks like Sel to me… *shrugs*
    I really hope she isn’t back with Justin, I would be really dissapointed to be frank. But it’s her life…

    *Imao… I just kinda thought of this:

  • Ciara

    LOL hhahahahaahhhahaha I can see it coming bahahahahahhaha

  • Cici

    How does that NOT look like Selena?? I don’t understand.