Kevin ‘Danielle Just Sits There W/ Stuff’

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerKevin & Danielle Jonas discuss what exciting things they are up to.. UGH.

Pix promoting ‘Amazing Baby Days’ app.

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  • liza

    What baby?? lol She is not pregnant people!!! Go and read Blind gossip!!

    • GentileJewel

      Get a Brain! You seem to be missing one! No one should Ever believe that crap!!! CRAP!!!

    • The Real QueenBee

      They also said she was going to fake a miscarriage and that didn’t happen. They’re wrong 90% of the time, but idiots only remember the 10% of the time they’re right, and assume they’re right about everything. They’re counting on that. They’re glad you’re stupid.

      • smh

        The things that they are right about they steal from other sites. They never break news. BG is just a bunch of immature hopefully teens and not adults that say things that if they had an identity could be sued over.

        • The Real QueenBee

          That’s true, most of their “solved” blinds are other sites’ stories. Their “exclusives” that they write are rarely solved, and if they are, the “proof” is usually from an unreliable source like another gossip site that writes the same story. The laws for slander and libel in the US sadly favor the tabloids. Suing is nearly impossible and they know it. They just rely on idiots who believe everything they say just because occasionally they get something right. But remember, even a broken clock is right twice a day. They get lucky sometimes.

      • liza

        lol! you…you are the one who is stupid! lol they will fake the baby was born dead! you will see stupid!

        • loveme

          Are you the girl (fan) that is obsessed with pee and poop? ’cause everything out of your mouth is pure shit.

          • Q

            hahaha probely she is

        • MOON

          wow girl you need help and fast sweetie

  • liza

    They are gonna say the baby was born dead! so we the fans can feel bad and stuff for them. she is not pregnant!

    • uradumbass

      What happened to the miscarriage? The sex tape? Joe is supposed to be in rehab right? He was supposed to check in the weekend of the breakup? If he’ s on drugs, why is he not really fat or really skinny? How can you believe a site that is almost never right or never backs up what they say? No proof? Then covers up their lies with fake excuses. You should not need excuses if your right.

    • ty

      you are soooo sick to say that your mind is pure of shit and hate

    • KK

      sorry but we dont want haters like you in here so you better leave please

  • dghrgeppterg

    What are all of you going to do when a baby is actually born and is theirs and nothing is wrong with it??????????????? Try to make up an excuse on why you are wrong when ppl will forget to look at the fact that you lied. Where is Joe’s sex tape BG? You saw it and remember it in such great detail. Where is a screenshot? JB does not even exist anymore. I can watch Kim Ks on Porn Hub no screen shot needed.

  • cerenagee

    you guys are disgusting and believe whatever you read. If a gossip website said Selena was videotaped blowing Jesus ya’ll dumbasses would believe it. Danielle is clearly pregnant. Stfu all of you guys.

    • GentileJewel

      Excuse! Me! You are disgusting! I don’t care if you tried to make a point! Grow Up! Your language is horrible!

      • cerenagee

        Omg. Nobody on here likes you. Why do you even comment anymore? You’re literally just a troll. I don’t understand – everyone on here expects you to act like this and its not even annoying or anything anymore. Its just pathetic on your end tbqh. You sound illiterate and/or foreign and its almost sad in the funniest way to watch you argue.

      • Q

        No sweetie You are the one who needs to grow up so shut up

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      lol, why don’t they believe she’s pregnant?

      • cerenagee

        Like right before the boys broke up this rumor came out that Danielle was just faking the pregnancy as a publicity stunt and that she would fake it all the way till the birth and she would give birth to a dead baby. Its so ridiculous and disgusting that people truly believe that. Its like she’s pregnant its so obvious. Why can’t people be happy for them

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          that is so disgusting , still birth is nothing to joke that happened to my grandma and she still hasnt really gotten over it today and is sad whenever someone mentions it or something reminds her of that day.people need to grow up this is just like the Beyonce thing.
          <3 ur new avi btw

          • cerenagee

            It is disgusting. Like some of the rumors that come out about celebs I’m just like omg why would someonee even make something up like that.

            Thanks bbylove<3

        • The Real QueenBee

          No, they said she was going to miscarry last fall, which obviously didn’t happen. And that it was going to be for album promo, but there is no album so now what’s BG’s excuse. They have nothing to promote, and she’s clearly pregnant. At this point, they’re hoping you forget that they ever said anything.

          • cerenagee

            BG are a bunch of morons.

  • GentileJewel

    What does he say? I can’t see the video!

  • Some Dude

    Holy shit she’s so bad at interviews.

    • dj

      she was better in the past, but now she’s basically 9 months pregnant with baby brain. In one interview today, she just blanks in the middle of a sentence. That’s what may mom did when she was pregnant with my little brother. Also, she hasn’t done them in a while.

    • The Real QueenBee

      Sadly, she’s just not very smart. Well, that’s an understatement. She’s dumb as a rock, really. Sweet girl, but whoa…very dim.

      • Popmugee

        She’s good at hair though and supposedly at ice skating. She’s not the smartest person, but she is very sweet. I don’t think she’s stupid. It think she might had a learning disability. She said in an interview that she was horrible at school and had problems speaking when she was little, but was really creative. My sister is like that a perfect at everything beauty and creative (and has a successful business) but barely past through high school.

  • Cici

    She’s pregnant! She’s forgetful & it’s hard to concentrate. No need to be rude about it. Honestly she probably heard them, & thought they were going to talk before she got to finish. Anywho, I am so excited to see their little princess! I wonder what they will name her..

  • boystan

    i only know danielle for her hit show on e channel
    who’s kevin?

    • Misha Collins

      I laughed omg

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


    • Q

      You probely are in drugs for sure haha Kevin is a husband of Dani sweetie Well i think You live in the cave

  • Demi Lovato

    Danielle is obviously a surrogate.

    No way Kevin stuck his penis into a woman.

    • GentileJewel

      Shut! Up! Bitch!

    • ddjfsfs

      umm did you watch Married to Jonas???? Kevin definitely is not the best actor and neither is she so they have been doing the most in that house.I think he has. probably is now. Why do ppl think he’s gay because you have been fed horrible stereotypes of what gay men act like. Just because he isn’t body builder (and a lot of them are gay), doesn’t mean he’s gay. Also, if you marry a woman, that makes you bisexual anyways. At first because he diid not have a girlfriend, but all along he did. He just kept Dani secret which is probably a good thing for their relationship. He had plenty other girlfriends before Dani. I am so sad that you think all gay people act the same, and I am so sad that you think all heterosexual people act the same. I am also sad because you are jealous of their relationship and don’t think they could be happy because you are not happy.

    • fghjk

      well and woman stuck her vagina into a men too

      • anon


  • gfhngjgj

    wow february 6 thats is my birthday amazing