Lucy Hale You Sound Good To Me Video

Music video for Lucy Hale’s new single ‘You Sound Good To Me’.

  • why

    why does she sound shaky? and it’s like she’s putting on this twang in her voice that’s just awkward to hear because it’s not natural. this is so bad. her voice won’t get her anywhere and her kind of pretty face will only get her so far. she’s going to get lost in the country music world because there are more girls there with more talent and better songs than her. if her album flops (but industry standards) she’ll probably try to go the pop route and try a sexier angle to get more sales and notoriety. especially if that awful show is cancelled within the next few years. and if you want to defend that show, please read at least the first book. the show is horrible, even when trying to separate itself from the books, with bad acting and prolonged climaxes. trust me.

    • cerenagee

      I like the show and don’t think she’s a bad actor. Its nothing at all like the book but its still a good show and imo her voice is good.

  • cerenagee

    She sounds surprisingly better than I thought she would. I like her voice.