Miley Red Bra Sexy Facetime W/ Cheyne

miley-cyrus-red-bra-facetime (1)miley-cyrus-red-bra-facetime (1)

  • idk

    His face is creepy

  • asdfghjkl

    i’m donating some shirts to her poor ass.

  • smh

    Shirts aren’t going to kill you, Miley.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    she’s ratchet.

  • tbh

    She needs a shirt and he needs a comb.

  • nolitaa

    eww. he looks like a bum. as for miley, she needs a t-shirt.

  • Alii

    Funny how he posts this after Demi’s FaceTime pictures.

    • .

      Miley posted this, actually. But, yeah you’re right

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      <3 ur avi

  • Cici


  • anon

    2% battery! charge that phone!

    • laura

      I was just about to say that!

    • lmao

      ikr! its like celebrities hate charging their phones lol

  • cerenagee

    Is this picture necessary to post? Like put a shirt on miley no one cares about your mosquito bites.

    • Clauber

      OMG, Yeah you see yur icon (Jennifer) and then see her picture, they are relly mosquito bites

  • Clauber

    I dont know why she trust in him, eww

  • Aria

    Gurl needs to charge her damn phone.

    • :)

      And why does that bother you?

      • Aria

        It doesn’t bother me, it was a joke. Gain a sense of humour, not everything is always serious.

        • :)

          Gotcha! hahaha — lol

          • Aria

            lol :)

  • Anton

    This guy is really bad for miley. Don’t understand why her fans can only see it and her family can’t. She needs some discipline from billy ray. Don’t be surprised if they stop talking and he writes a tell all book. I know they’ve known each other since 09 but he is just like Anna Oliver and will leak things about her. She needs real friends.

  • autumnshine

    Woooow. This reminds me of when she and Mandy copied Selena and Demi’s YouTube video how many years ago. Now she’s copying Selena, Demi, & Taylor posting FaceTime pics. The next time someone says Selena copies Miley I would just like them to take a moment and see who the true copier is.

    • Aria

      I personally don’t think either of them copy each other, they are both strong individuals, The whole Miley and Mandy thing was much more about poking fun at Selena and Demi and trying to make fun of them instead of copying them.

      • autumnshine

        Normally I don’t think either of them copy each other either, I just always see SOME (not all :)) Miley stans saying Selena copies Miley. So then this happened, something that doesn’t seem like a coincidence IMO, and I couldn’t pass up pointing it out.

        • Aria

          I do admit it’s strange timing, I like both Miley and Selena but I do agree that it looks about copy-ish but sometimes those type of things just happen randomly. Who knows :P

    • cerenagee

      totally was thinking the same thing, weird timing.

  • boystan

    i feel like he’s gay

    • Narry Sex

      no he said he isnt gay, but he maybe bi,idk

  • boystan

    is he gay?

    • anon

      I dont think so.