Selena & Bieber Santa Cruz Sex Escape

selena-bieber-sex-picselena-bieber-back-togetherJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez spotted Monday riding Segways in Santa Cruz and vacationing at an luxury oceanfront resort in Aptos, local fans told KSBW. The Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos is perched over the ocean.

Courtney Clark, 17, and her sister Melissa Clark, 15, were driving in the Seascape neighborhood of Aptos Monday when they saw someone wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and big dark sunglasses, even though it was 10 PM at night. He was walking with a beautiful blonde. ‘They both had huge sunglasses on,

It was obvious they were trying to hide who they were.’ They ran into the Seascape Beach Resort laughing. Gomez lost her blonde wig while running, revealing her long dark hair. They were returning from dinner to their hotel and spent the rest of the night in their room and on their balcony perched above Seascape Beach. A Santa Cruz park ranger said Gomez, Bieber, and Bieber’s father spent a sunny day riding Segways around Pogonip Park in Santa Cruz.

The group also relaxed on a nearby beach that normally has no public access, but was opened for Bieber by park rangers. At 11 AM Tuesday, Bieber tweeted, ‘road trip. where am i?’ Are YOU happy that Selena and Bieby are banging again? Thx laurenkayliegh!

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  • Anon

    Fuck this shit. This couple is overly publicized. They preach they want to be private yet every time they hang out they post pictures on Instagram and hangout where they know they will get caught. Is this love?? You really love someone selena when you spent the last year and few months preaching and really shading your ex boyfriend more than 14 times??? When you tell your jelena fans that you are happy and that they should move on?? Really?? Coincidence how your movie comes out in 2 weeks?? Remember when your fans bashed justin?? And when you took a picture of justin and Barbara and put it on twitter?? Done wasting my time on this fake ass couple.

    • lols

      The most ridiculous part was all that “I moved on, I’m haaaappy, hanging out with my girls” like if she was trying to prove something to others. LMFAO now we can really see how you’ve moved on and was happy, isn’t it, Selena?

      • cerenagee

        The I moved on insta comment was fake and photoshopped. And the I’m happy andd hanging out with my girls is normal…

    • HTown

      To me Bieber is the only fool and will end up whining again about his broken heart. As if Selena will care about it, she will probably end up making more jokes about it and her fans will find bs excuses.

      • laura

        The only person whining was Selena…

        • HTown

          Bieber was too really, if she hurt him that much why would he take her back and repeat the same broken heart? Oh please, he’s a dumb boy thinking with his dick. I’ve been there.

  • .

    Soooo she canceled a tour for some dick? This bitch. She probably should have kept her mouth closed about Bieber just like he did about her if she was just going to run back to him. She looks so stupid right now but wheres the pictures!?

  • :)

    Wow, I guess fucking bieber is more important to her than her fans in Asia and Australia! smh.

    • HTown

      Yet Bieber is trashed for everything he does, at least he never let down his fans for some pussy. Selfish bitch.

  • XXXX

    I don’t understand why they are trying to hide. This is what they want. Does she understand how (all her shading and telling fans to move on that they have) makes her look like the biggest fool ever. She can do soooooo much better than him. Wish she could just move on from him and find someone that will shows her so respect.

    • HTown

      Actually to me Bieber can do better and I’m a dude lol, Selena’s NOTHING special, At all, Bieber himself if he dresses normally and matures his behavior can do so much better then Selena, the truth.

  • jtm

    lmao at people think she canceled the tour because of Justin, even if she didn’t canceled the tour, she would only have shows at the end of the month and February which means she would be with him

  • boystan

    ay selenita mija get away from him pls don’t do like miley!

  • anon

    Toto we’re not in Disney anymore.

  • cerenagee


  • Narry Sex

    who wouldn’t cancel a tour to be with justin, i know i would:)
    sucks for her fans though.

    • lol

      A lot of people wouldn’t cancel a tour to be with Justin.

      • k

        he’s not even that bad lol i have to admit it

        • Narry Sex

          sexy :)

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          damn , i didn’t know justin had it like that

          • Username

            Don’t judge the book by it’s cover. People still live in 2009 when it comes to JB

    • Alexaxaxaxaxa

      I wouldn’t cancel my dentist appointment to be with Justin. #nolie

      • Username

        Guess what

    • Thinking Individual

      He is actually good looking now and his body is nice , I would think about it now, but hell no back in 2009/2010. Now I would probably do it haha

    • k
      • Narry Sex

        nice,there is something so sexy about him

  • Dash

    This is so cute idc what anyone says, and to all you fucks that say they use each other for publicity. They clearly tried to sweep this under the radar. I hope they get back together but hopefully this time they get it right and it works out.

  • nolitaa

    hopefully it all works out for the best this time around for them.

  • cerenagee

    are these insta comments even real? or are they photoshopped like some of the others. i highly doubt biebs and sel would be commenting this shit on each others insta when they will never see the comments under all the comments from fans and these are things that can be texted. i call bullshit.

  • Silver

    I am so dissapointed in Selena…

    • Ciara

      I’m actually dissapointed in Bieber, he’s turning into her little bitch and her little doll and will always run back to her ass no matter what she does.

      • Silver

        Ummm Okay…

  • tyler oakley

    From someone who actually lives in Santa Cruz, who checks oceanup daily it’s quite annoying they chose to come here. Though it is a tourist town because of the beaches and of course the boardwalk, they did nothing but create an unnecessary amount of drama. They ran around town basically hiding from fans, selena wearing a wig at night — and weren’t exactly friendly to local’s ether. I have a hard time saying “them” and “they” seeing as it was mostly Selena’s rude clingy ass, Justin was a lot nicer but she was just straight up jealous and rude. Her career needs to end asap.

    • .

      Selena’s always rude and bitchy around Bieber, she always wants PDA and shit.

    • Kim

      Is that really how she acted? Because I saw some tweets saying it too, she was very rude and acting as if it’s all about her?

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    I don’t understand why they are trying to hide. This is what they want.
    Does she understand how (all her shading and telling fans to move on
    that they have) makes her look like the biggest fool ever. friv 2

    • .

      Yeah but don’t be naive, she knows what she is doing. They probably saw how no one really wants them back together and people got it they’re publicity, except delusional 13 year old jelenators ( mostly selena’s fans not beliebers ). They won’t just bam out in public, because it’s too obvious, the picture was enough to let the world know they’re back, now they will play it all ”we’re hiding because we don’t want attention we want privacy” yet all those rumors are still published by their teams and somehow the location of their apartment is discovered and people are suddenly tweeting how they see them. Nothing is unplanned in those two’s relationship and their timing is obvious. Just wait and see they will pull off some pr stunts soon and break up again. You’ll see.

  • Seriously??

    Can’t believe how rude and immature Ou’s writers are. I am now 100% sure they’re Selena stans, they named ”ugly bieber pix” if you click on the two pictures down here. Fucking cunts, they did the same with Miley so many times. Fuck you and grow up already, you’re not Perez Hilton. Have some manners idiots.
    This is becoming bullying now, can’t believe what this site has become!!