• javi g

    so this movie was a flop huh? idiots. indie movies they surprise you every time. i do hope selena keeps doing indie movies. they are hardcore. i just saw the dallas buyers club that movie was hardcore . want to see selena in an strong hardcore indie film.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      i love indies too ! mud , the spectacular now and the bling ring were 3 of my faves last year

      • javi g

        mcconaughey should be nominated for mud also. but the guy is so good he doesn’t need an oscar to prove it.

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          yes he should. he is so amazing ,its unreal!

      • jinx

        ugh, I hated The Bling Ring and can’t speak about Spring Breakers because I didn’t see it since everyone talked so bad about it. I don’t know what do you guys mean with “indie”, it means low budget movies? Because if so, I’ve seen much better low budget movies than those two…

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          indie means independent film.basiclly its not backed by a major stuidio like paramount , fox, disney,pixar etc. Most of the times indies are low budget but they can be indie and big budget,like 12 years a slave i belive that is indie as well and its budget is way bigger.

          and yeah there are a lot of better movies than spring breakers but i kind love it still,maybe because literally everyone i love is in it lol

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    James, Vanessa and Ashley were more of the stars, but i loved it! and it actually is on alot of critics best of list of 2013.and for indie that’s great seeing how it only cost 5 million to make.

    • laura

      What do you mean ‘only 5 million’? In my country we make films with ten times less money and those get nominated for Oscars lol and those are the films with the big budgets.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        oh because in america movies are made for alot more .like tangled was made for 250 million, hunger games 150 million, divergent 80 million, etc. so in hollywood 5 million for a movie to be made is cheap and that budget includes all the actors ,director and everything so they didn’t get paid as much to make it either.

        • laura

          Oh I know that but I just said that because you said ‘it had such a little budget and still got good critics’. Movies like that shouldn’t even be allowed to be called indie or budget…

  • YouCouldShutTheHeckUp

    I watched ten minutes of Spring Breakers and turned it off instantly. Raunchy movie. A great movie for perverts.

  • Truth

    2013: Justin is touring. A couple days before ” Stars Dance” releases Selena flies over to Norway to see Justin. Knowing that the gossips sites will pick it up.

    2014: Her movie is suppose to premier in two weeks and oh look selena and Justin are out segwaying in his neighbour hood. 2 WEEKS away from her movie release.

    • jtm

      Funny how she flew to Norway in April and her album was released in July

      btw she don’t have any movie premier in the next weeks

    • boystan

      selena is helping justin promote his new album

    • javi g

      her next movies are not premiering in theaters . one of them is going to be shown at sundance film fest. not a in theaters yet.

    • cerenagee

      Notice how you said segwaying in his neighborhood. Isn’t his neighborhood gated? So there’s supposed to ONLY be residents in there and no paps. Its not like they were out on the Hollywood strip groping each other.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    This movie could have been great, it had a good plot but it was so badly played out it made me angry. I was literally upset trying to watch this movie. It took me 4 times until I could fully watch the movie and I still didn’t finish it, after Selena’s last scene I was out. I don’t care how much this movie made, it doesn’t take away from how bad it was.

  • boystan

    that movie was so boring ugh

  • Guest

    Reality check… 14 mill box office and # 12 indie is a FLOP!!!!!

    • http://harryniallsex.tumblr.com/ Narry Sex

      i didnt like it but that doesnt mean it was a flop , they mean 12 of the entire year which is like thousands of other indies.

      • laura

        It seems like you all forget that the only reason this movie is at #12 is because of the famous actors in it. If you would’ve replaced them by unknown (and good) actors, it definitely wouldn’t have made that much money.

  • Clauber

    If she is going to focus on Bieber, i can’t see the Oscar coming

  • cerenagee

    She doesn’t care about that stuff right now. She’s focusing on making herself happy. She’s focusing on friends, her relationship with Justin and spending time with her sister as she growss up. There’s nothing At all wrong with those things. They’re little things that average people take for granted on a daily basis and for some reason everyone gets pissed that celebs need that same down time. You realize she’s human too right?

    And #12 for the year out of thousands of indie movies is not a flop whatsoever to all you haters.