Vanessa Hudgens New Face Of BONGO

vanessa-hudgens-bongo (92)vanessahudgens Here it is! My new BONGO campaign.

Nessa does a science experiment in the polar vortex under!


    she looks asian

    • cerenagee

      Go in insta and look at the pic of Cara licking Kellan that I tagged you in

    • wow

      Well she is part asian, idiot…

      • You were thinking it

        Only a very small amount. No where close enough to make her eyes look that small. Its clearly photoshopped.

        • Laura

          Her mom is Filipino and Chinese and her dad is Native American and Irish. So it makes sense for her to have small eyes, but the photo is clearly overly photoshopped.

          • Narry Sex

            i thought she was Hispanic?!

          • You were thinking it

            Her mother is only a small part Chinese, no where close enough for her eyes to be that small. They are small, but not that small.

    • A

      They photoshopped her eyes to be smaller, that is clear.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    I was just on her instagram about an hour ago and saw this o.o It looks a bit touched up…

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    That Photoshop tho……

  • cerenagee

    The photoshop is way too much. Its not even necessary. Her natural face is so beautiful idk why they messed with it.

  • Godney

    Why did they photoshoped THAT much?!, she doesnt need it!!!
    The girl is soooo pretty.

  • You were thinking it.

    Like she’d ever actually were these ugly clothes lol.