Danielle Jonas ‘I’m Still On Anxiety Meds’

Danielle Jonas is still on anxiety medication while pregnant. Will Joe and Nick be at the pregnancy? Maybe. Danielle and Kevin Jonas told ABC the name of their baby girl ‘just kind of came to us. Jonas is a weird last name, not that many things go with it.

We are trying to keep that a secret because everyone knows we are having a girl, but right when she’s born, we are going to tell everyone. It’s different enough, but not too crazy. I am building us a house and we are about two and half weeks away from moving in.

The nursery will be here at the end of next week. The walls are painted. The floors will be stained this weekend, you could move furniture and you could live there, it’s fine.’ Danielle added that they painted the walls purple because ‘there’s already so much pink for girls everywhere.’

Kevin: ‘We definitely want a larger family and that because I spent life around three brothers. I actually wanted girls.’ Danielle joked: ‘I said four, but maybe after this one, three. ‘It’s tough.

Everything we do now will be different. Going to a restaurant which we’ve gone to a million times will be different, getting in the car will be different. There are going to be times where that baby is not going to stop crying and I’m not going to know what to do, and nothing we are going to do is going to work.

But we are going to get through it and it’s going to be great. We are not even going to remember it the minutes she starts to smile.’ Danielle: ‘I think you just learn by experience, trial and error.’

Danielle, who had to be on an IV drip early in the pregnancy, added that this experience was tough at first, ‘then it got really easy. Now, the past couple of days, it’s like I’m done, this baby has to come out soon.’ MORE under!

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  • XaskTaylorX

    I thought fumes/chemicals hurt the pregancy and Danielle was painting the walls? She put one of those masks on. Yep!

    • Cici

      Certain types of paints are safe while pregnant. You just have to make sure the room is well ventilated…same for dying your hair.

    • pop

      there is also expensive organic paint which you can eat and be fine… since they can afford it they might be using that

      • XaskTaylorX

        True I guess. I’m sure everything was fine! Can February come already?!? I want to see this little princess!!!

  • Cici

    Awww, ftm’s are precious. It is easier than you think because your instincts kick in. But it is definitely different. A HUGE life style change, but a good one :) As far as anxiety medicine, I feel 90% of everyone deals with high anxiety…especially after having babies. Your hormones are crazy for a while.

  • Maggie

    Is that healthy to be on meds when pregnant??

    • ghhh

      It’s not healthy to be on most psych meds even when you’re not pregnant!

    • yelpigotadegree

      Depends, if you have high general anxiety or major depression or Schizophrenia, you HAVE to be on some (very low dose and those approved for pregnancy) meds while pregnant because it is dangerous for the baby to be in a hostile womb. A mother in distress is generally more harmful than a thin dosage of a anxiety med especially since your hormonal state is significantly altered when pregnant. Just like, a person with type 1 diabetes still has to be on insulin while pregnant. This is about as harmful as anxiety meds but the mother will die or be in distress without them making it the only solution. It is the same with mothers that are addicted to a substance- cold turkey does not usually work so they have to weaned off during the pregnancy. Now, for a person with minor depression or base anxiety, you definitely should not be on meds because this is the best solution. I’m a psych grad student. Healthy mothers are always the best solution if you need something with a chemical imbalance to be healthy than its needed . Yes, there is a risk but nowadays with technology and monitoring the baby should be fine.


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  • kool

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  • ghngvhn

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  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Danielle looks just like hilary duff’s sister haylie. its crazy

    • http://harryniallsex.tumblr.com/ Narry Sex

      holy fuck are they related somehow. that is weird

  • yasmine

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    • Q

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  • Guest

    She’s not pregnant. She probably said this so they have something to use as a bullshit excuse about something going wrong when there’s no baby to show in the end. Pathetic washed up famewhores.

    • meryl

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