Liam Payne On 1D ‘We Aren’t Clashing’

liam-payne-drunk-tweetone-direction-breakupLiam Payne denied One Direction is clashing over its musical direction. The boys were reportedly in a ‘bitter battle’ after Harry Styles revealed he wanted to change their musical direction and make them a bit more credible.

Harry apparently told the boys that he wants their fourth album to be an all out rock record and would prefer to steer away from the pop tunes they’ve released before. Niall and Louis were against the idea and clashed most with their bandmate about his ideas:

‘The problem is the rest of the band fear if Harry starts changing their style, he’s going to take over the whole thing. They all have different ideas on what direction they want to take musically, and they’re becoming more and more vocal about it.

Niall & Louis especially are worried about turning their backs on a pop sound and changing a winning formula. The fear is that if Harry doesn’t get his way he could end up walking out and going solo.’

Who do YOU think will leave One Direction first?


  • boystan

    he’s gonna save the band

  • Boo

    They just spent ten months on the road together, just because they are not up each others ass when they’re on break doesn’t mean they’re clashing.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    harry will leave first and have a successful solo career. liam sings the best tho….

  • Emmy

    I’ve been to their concerts. Liam is the best singer by a long shot, there’s not much of a comparison. Honestly, he is the one cheating himself by staying with these fools. I don’t think many of you realize how good his voice really is. I don’t care for Harry, seems too caught up in the fame of it all. His vocals are quite weak to be honest.

    • justsaying

      He would be cheating himself only if he was unhappy, which he obviously isn’t, if he’s happy to work with the other boys and enjoys writing songs with Louis and tour is more fun with his “brothers” with him he would be cheating himself only if he would leave the band to have a solo career right now. Just pay attention to his tattoos, he know what he wants and he’s obviously getting it.

      • Emmy

        I only say this because I hate when people don’t use their talent to its full potential. Liam has a huge voice that’s being restrained. Like he should’ve been the one to duet with Ariana Grande in Almost is Never Enough. He’s basically her male equivalent vocal wise.

  • heather

    And zayn doesn’t give a shit which direction they go in

    • Shay

      lol can i tell u?? Zayn looks as if he’s dying for it all to be over so he can disappear into a hole with Perrie forever

  • Justlaughoxo

    I honestly think that they are getting 1D mixed up with the Jonas Brothers because that is the same thing that happened to them!!! And One Direction will break up when they all are ready, and they ALL want to split. No one is leaving. -_-

  • Marijo Carrillo


  • Jinxx

    if one direction were to break up, Harry, Liam and Zayn would be fine. Their voices are good enough on their own. Especially Liam and Harry. I love Zayn’s voice but he doesn’t seem as into it, not sure his personality could shine by itself. Louis and Niall would fade into oblivion though. I’m sorry, but their voices are mediocre at best. Louis’ attitude doesn’t help him either.