Miley Cyrus New Face Of Marc Jacobs

miley-cyrus-marc-jacobs-2014hair-cutBeauty Queen Miley Ray Cyrus is new face of Marc Jacob’s Spring 2014 line.

Miley posted an extremely beautiful young picture of herself before drugs: my new avi is sooooo extra.. Why is it so damn easy to ‘favorite’ shit? Really makes ya look like a creeper.

IMPORTANT: Miley is getting a hair cut right now. Cry more Aniston!



  • idk

    her eyebrows look fucked up…

  • Boo

    This must’ve been the shoot she bleached her eyebrows for. Congrats, Miley!

  • No.

    This is really not her best angle.
    She looks pudgy.

  • Some Dude

    She’s a better model than twerker, I’ll give her that much.

  • Uh

    She looks 12 when she pouts her lips like that. It looks like one of her ‘sad’ scenes in ‘The Last Song.’

  • No.

    She looks like she is about to throw up!

  • :)

    Love the picture. Congrats Miley!!!

  • Sara

    Hair cut?! I thought she was growing out her hair finally…

  • boystan


  • boystan

    when will your fave be the new face of versace though

    • :)


      • Ciara

        Sorry but this is one of the prettiest pictures of Gaga.

        • :)

          Whatever you say.

  • smh

    Haircut? what is she going to cut, her HEAD?!!!!!!!!!

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    All Hail Miley, Queen of the Ratchets!

  • high af

    is she sitting on someones hair in the pic????????

    • Sara

      Yeah, she is. Here’s the full picture.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I like it and I don’t actually know why.

  • Gladly

    why is everyone hating? she looks fine, she is a very pretty girl and maybe it’s not a great picture, but being the face of MJ is a huge accomplishment, congrats to her.

    • :)

      Ikr. Especially the comment above, “Not at all glamorous & NOT making me want to buy Marc Jacobs that’s for sure!” How fucking shallow is that? I’m thinking this is how they wanted the add to look like. Get the fuck over it.

      Look, I’m not a fan of selena but that’s not gonna stop me from buying addidas.

  • Cici

    I mean she needs to do something to it after seeing it in the “Adore You”’s a mess. She should just buzz that little bit off & grow it all out evenly.

  • cerenagee

    ehh. she looks like a sad biebs. its not terrible, but not beautiful imho.

    • kalie

      I was just thinking that. Like a pouty Beibs. Looks like a tomboy. Not at all glamorous & NOT making me want to buy Marc Jacobs that’s for sure!

      • cerenagee

        Totally agree.