definitely getting lesbian vibes by this look..

    • Clauber

      Maybe Cheyne is a lesbian too LoL

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      she must have saw your avi with her bun and had to cut it lol


    prefer bun or wild style

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      i LOVE her bun

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Is this really the new haircut? It looks the same as before except just a little shorter at the top.

    • :)

      That’s what getting a haircut means. It doesn’t mean she’s getting a new style. If she was gonna do that she would’ve mentioned it.

  • Somebody

    I don’t see any difference..

  • boystan


    • laura

      As someone who has been growing out her hair as well: every 4 months you need to get a trim if you don’t want to look stupid and awkward. They just cut your bangs, cut the back so you don’t get an awful mullet and cut the sides symmetrically.

      • Bs

        Actually you cut off the part that has just grown. Uhm…

        • laura

          I can’t see it on the picture tbh. I just thought she had a trim because she said she’s growing it out.

          • Bae

            Idk but you said you’re growing out ur hair & cut it all 4 months so it looks good. But when you good it that much, you cut always the new grown part off. How do u grow your hair out with this

          • laura

            Oh ok I get your confusion.
            I had a pixie and the left side was shorter than the right side. So, every 2 months I’d cut my hair so I wouldn’t get a mullet and the rest got a little trimmed so I didn’t have an awkward haircut. So no one who didn’t know I was growing my hair out knew it. Most women get it cut every four months though, but my hair grows immensely fast..
            And I think two months ago, I got my hair cut to the same length since the right side was way too long for the left side :)
            So, you don’t cut everything off, you just get the split ends cut and sutff.
            I hope it makes sense now :)
            I’ve been growing it out for 6 months now and it’s almost shoulder length so it’s not like you cut everything off.

  • Clauber


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I bet she will shave it bald soon….

    • Cici

      She needs to. A fresh start

  • Sara

    Hopefully she’s still growing it out and the haircut was just to even it out. Missin’ her bun.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      i never understood the logic of cuting your hair to grow it lol, maybe because i only trim mine once a year, if that lol

      • :)

        Yeah but your sides and back aren’t shaved? Are they?

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          no they arent,maybe its different for short hair

          • :)

            It could be.

      • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

        For some reason, a lot of my baby hair near my my neck has decided to grow out, and I was just thinking of cutting it to even it out. My hair’s not that thick, so you can really see the difference in length – about three inches. That’s just my logic. Yet, my hair’s past my shoulders, not near my ears…

  • :)

    She said she was letting it grow out but she never said how long. Everyone speculating as usual.

  • cerenagee

    So she just got a trim. K good. I want her hair to grow and be long and pretty again. Hmph.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    thats not a trim,,its a few inches gone:( her top was past her chin a few days ago,i doubt she can wear her iconic bun anymore …

  • mhm

    I honestly don’t mind the short hair but I wish and her hairdo would be better if she just grow out the back of her head and her sides.. like how it how JLaw has her short hair instead of this half-bald look.

  • yaaa

    just when i thought she was finally growing her hair out, she decides to look like a lesbo again…

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