One Direction GLASSES LINE

one-direction-glasseOne Direction has joined with British eyewear brand Vision Express to Directioner an exclusive collection of cute glasses, reports Teen Vogue. The glasses come in a variety of colors such as pink purple and tortoiseshell.

Each pair features the band’s name or their tiny signatures on the arm, a subtle yet totally awesome way to prove your fangirl cred all day, every day. The guys all have namesake pairs, while others are named after hits like ‘One Thing,’ and ‘Young.’ The ‘Niall’ is a girlier version of the thick-rimmed black frames he wears all the time. Only available in The UK right now!

  • lol

    Do these guys even make music? Just seems like a bunch of marketing and products aimed at young girls who will buy anything with their logo on it, ridiculous.

    • Cici

      Yeah thats the point. Get as much money out of them as possible before they fade out. I remember seeing Hannah Montana on grapes, yogurt, and diapers. crazy.

      • lol

        True. They won’t last long anyways. Better milk out the money asap. Only few artists these days care about the music, smh. And lol I remember the Hannah Montana grapes.

    • boystan

      that’s the point of boy bands

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    aww niall looks so cute here. id buy those glasses bby