Selena W/ Justin ‘What Is She Thinking?!’

selena-justin-bieber-mistakeSelena Gomez’s new hookup with Justin Bieber is featured on the cover of Life & Style entitled: ‘Selena Reunuites With Justin: WHAT IS SHE THINKING?!‘ Selena is obviously going through an extremely difficult time, regardless of making a bad choice, she needs Selenators support during time of need.

Source revealed to Life & Style why Jelena are back together: ‘Justin reached out to Selena after she canceled the tour. He wanted to make sure she was OK and healthy. He cares about her a lot. Her friends were blowing up her phone with, ‘WTF, Selena?’

Everyone who loves Selena hates Justin. Just hanging out with him is a major setback for her.’ Bieber told POWER 106: ‘[The break up] affected us, especially when we are in front of so many people. It’s such a public thing. It’s just hard for the both of us. But, you know, she’s a great woman. I love her till this day.’

ALSO: ‘Selena is very close to making an offer on a house inside the Calabasas development where Justin lives. She looked at other neighborhoods, but really fell in love with a home near Justin’s.’

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  • Cici

    lol this, alllll this.

  • Bad choice, u got that right. But it’s hard to support her when she’s with him. She will not tweet or ig when she’s with him. She puts her fans in the dust when she’s with him. Justin dosen’t seem to have a problem tweeting or ig when he’s with her. She dosen’t have to say anything about him just tweet or ig anything for us.

    • Silver

      Aaaw… I noticed that too. Poor Selenators. Selena should really stop this behaviour imo.

    • Username

      Sorry girl but Selena doesn’t tweet fans when she’s single either, what the hell? She’s only been tweeting promo and since tour stopped she stopped all pics ” about her fans” and deleted that from her bio in instagram, just proves she did it for promo too.

  • asdfghjkl

    Same Life & Styles magazine. Same

  • boystan

    what were you thinking mija

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    LOL they cant even get the main story on the cover. No cares if there together anymore because Justin is fading..

    • :)

      As is selena.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    why do they always have fake stories though, katy isnt pregnant and they are not married,this magazine is a flop .At least Jelena reuniting is actually true…

    • :)

      LOL! How many times was Jennifer Aniston preggers last year?

  • Aria

    um.. excuse? John and Katy aren’t getting married or having a baby. I wish they were but it’s such BS that they put in magazines now a days. I feel bad for celebrities because some people honestly believe these false statements

  • Silver

    After all the prostitutes… and those disgusting stunts… I mean don’t you have respect for yourself? Don’t you care about your body? I think her Mom, Dad, Grandfather, Taylor, Priscilla, Francia and her other close friends should stage an intervention immediately. I know I would if I could.

    • Username

      Will you already shut up and get your facts straight? What ”all” prostitutes are you talking about? he was caught with ONE girl , he was single at the time and he can do whatever he wants. Damn your hate towards Bieber is amazing, and always blaming him acting as Selena’s some saint. That’s why I can’t stand her fans. Open your damn eyes.

      • Silver

        Listen. You might not want to think that Justin has been with prostitutes but he has. Get over it, he is not the 15 year old sweetie you fell in love with. He grew up and experimented in front of the world deal with it.
        Selena is far from perfect but any woman who knowingly sleeps with a guy who frequents brothels is disgusting and lacks self respect. Whether he was single or not, I would never let a man like that anywhere near me… especially one like him.

        • Ciara

          You missed the point as always. The point was we only know about 1 prostitute, stop lying as if you 100% know he had 40 others, you’re only assuming and assuming shit about someone you don’t know is stupid and makes you ignorant. You always have double standards for Bieber and it’s always all his fault, but at least get your facts straight. One like him? What’s he like? Oh he ain’t cool enough for you? It’s way more cool to be on the hate wagon right? You’re pathetic. Come up with a better excuse for your now very desperate hate.

          • Silver

            You are delusional and blind as also…. You would think I would get used to it.
            Kid… he visited a brothel, what did you think he was doing there? Preaching the word of God???

          • Lovatic13

            Lol. But maybe him and Selena used protection so it is not so bad.

          • JD

            The night he went to the brother that was the night he picked up a girl who filmed him, that was the same girl, check your facts? You think that we would all get used to you accusing people of something you have no evidence for and assuming the worst of JB. Pathetic smh

          • Silver

            So let me get this straight for the 3 hours he was in the brothel…. he was only with Tati? And then after being with her for 3 hours in the brothel he took her back to his house/ hotel, whatever? Does that honestly make sense to you or are you just trying to be stupid?
            But I do get you, if you are a fan girl you obviously don’t want to believe that your idol fucks prostitutes. lmao.

          • JD

            I’m a dude you dumbass. So I know probably how it goes, I don’t even like Bieber I am simply using common sense unlike you who’s just a biased idiot hating on dude

          • Silver

            How is it what you said common sense? lmao. If you are a dude, a young one at that then you would know that in 3 hours you can have a hell lot of sex! lol.

          • Lovatic13

            Come on now… Lets be honest, Justin has probably had a lot of prostiutues. It can’t have been the first time and it won’t be the last but it is his choice.

      • :)

        Omg, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • HTown

    I don’t understand this…Is Selena’s camp paying media to make her look like some saint and blame it all on Bieber? Why the heck is everyone licking this girl’s ass as if Bieber actually did something bad to her personally ( which we know about and we don’t know anything at all ) all the things he messed up was after she dumped him and he was acting out and in a bad place. Girls and party’s aren’t bad at all? She went out to drinking and could hang out with other guys no one says shit but Bieber’s wrong for doing it? Yeah he had a bad year but it is blown out of proportion by everyone man. Why? I just don’t get it. It’s like it’s all planned, blame it all on Bieber and make him like a bad guy and Selena’s as always perfect innocent little girl. For God’s sake people wake up already.
    I guess it’s an easy shot on Bieber because he has so many psycho haters that will blame him for global warming too. Bieber is the only one who obviously got heartbroken, so better question is WHAT IS HE THINKING? If he handled their break up like this in 2013 what will happen next time? He is unstable and very easy to get hurt obviously and he loved her, but why coming back if she broke his heart and make him look like a tool? Seriously, why is everyone on her side so fucking much yet there’s no evidence he was ever an asshole to her? Damn. Her image is so staged it makes me wish someone exposes her shit already, I’m so tired of those like her, fake sweethearts, but true colors show off sooner or later. Her image is all she has since she has no talent, so sad girls like her get credit for shit but Demi or Ariana get so underrated, and people say she’s fine without Bieber. Hell no, without him she would never become who she is now. Just the truth. I ain’t licking her ass like everyone on this site ;)

    • Thinking Individual

      ”I don’t understand why this entire time and almost in everything people kiss this girls ass, and blame everything on Bieber like there’s any evidence of him being bad to her while dating or after breaking up. What in this earth makes you think he is the bad guy so much? Did she say it? Did she act so hurt entire time ? Not so much. I guess in Bieber’s case everything is his fault and he is blamed for everything by his usual sheep haters. Selena’s a good girl but she ain’t no damn saint either, if she only and her fans too stopped acting as if she’s some Goddes with no mistakes and make herself always a victim maybe it wouldn’t be so questionable , was Bieber really the bad one? Or her? Just a question, since everyone is kissing her ass. Yeah his antics were bad, guess what people have bad time after being hurt it fucks you up, if she was acting out I would understand it. People have different ways of handling pain.
      I am just tired of people acting as if he did what Liam did to Miley, or he dissed her or he literally was an asshole and they have evidence for it, you are simply assuming, just as his crazy ass fans think it’s all her fault you hypocrites assume it’s only him. Damn this site brainwashed you little kids. Use your God damn brain and stop being so close minded and ignorant.”

      I found this comment on another post from some person and felt like it’s the perfect respond to yours lol hahah! And I really agree with you, even though to me they’re just fake as fuck still people should stop kissing her ass !!

  • Becks

    She’s stupid for getting back with him as he became a major douche last year and hasn’t changed and he’s stupid for getting back with her because she trashed him on national tv.