Emma Watson Mathew Janney Dating

emma-watson-mathew-janney-dating (3)Emma Watson is now dating Oxford University student and rugby player Matthew Janney, reports The Mirror. Emma split with her long-term boyfriend Will Adamowicz less than six months ago. He is apparently the university’s most eligible bechelor.

‘It’s early days but they’re very much in to each other. Matt’s a real hit with the girls but he may have finally met his match. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. But Matt’s a lovely guy, charismatic and intelligent. They make a great couple.

Janney was the star of last months’ grudge Varsity win against the university’s rival’s Cambridge, and is studying for a degree in languages. Emma previously confessed that she has bad luck when it comes to love.

  • thatdork

    Welp, that was fast, when did she split with her ex-bf? Anyways, Emma Watson is awesome, and I hope this couple all the happiness.

  • Cici

    I’m sure he feels like the luckiest guy in the world.

  • nolitaa

    aw I really liked her and Will together. But this new guy seems great too, and it’s a definitely plus that’s a rugby player. Emma is a fantastic young lady and I hope he treats her well. I wish them the best :-)

  • anonymous

    what’s up with the weak hoes throwing caution to the wind and saying fooling around with a football player is a good idea?

  • dayummmm


  • Fghjk

    Well he is to old for her Emma watson needs to get a men younger

    • Elena

      Well, you’d be surprised to know that he’s actually younger than her. He is 21, and she is 23.

  • ty

    well he is to old for her emma watson needs fine a younger men for sure

  • ISeeSparksFly

    Awe man. I’m still holding out for Grintson.

    Nonetheless, if this is true, and she’s happy, then I’m happy for her.

  • fet

    she sure doesnt waste time

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    why isnt she with rupert?

  • nolitaa

    emma and matthew today. i think they’re very cute together :-)

  • boystan

    great taste sis