Emma Watson Matt Janney Beach Kiss

Emma Watson kissing new boyfriend Oxford University rugby player Matt Janney on the beach in Antigua on their first romantic getaway as a couple.

More pix at The Mirror: ‘They were seen kissing and cuddling in the surf after enjoying a romantic stroll. They didn’t have a care in the world. Matt was very protective of Emma, often putting his arm around her.”

He was being a gentleman the whole time. He is clearly very much into her, but then who wouldn’t be, she is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars? They couldn’t stop giggling and smiling the whole time.’

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  • ewrj

    i remember when i met her in nyc. i saw her standing n the sidewalk . i approacher her and asked for a pic. she kinda backed off saying oh im sorry with a sweet smile lol.
    i just told her how much i loved her movies and how amazing actor she was.

    -thank you really thank you so much. she even said goodbye haha so random i wish she had taken the Pic since no one was harrassing her but maybe that could have drawn attention. overall she’s a very nice girl and i wish her the best with her new bf

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      that’s nice you didnt take it personally, I would have probably been really offended and annoyed. It’s not like she’s Jennifer Lawrence or anything… I do love her, but like chill yoooo you aren’t anything big yet.

      • ewrj

        haha of course i didnt take it personally since im not a fan of hers. i told her how much i loved her to say something i didnt want to look Stupid and awkward and just walk away.

        i told her that and i walked away people were passing her by lol new yorkers not impressed.
        but if it was my fav artist i’d probably have been annoyed. minus the picture thing she was very sweet and nice and not bitchy at all.

      • Elena

        I don’t think it’s fair of you to say that she isn’t anything big yet. She has starred in the biggest, most successful franchise ever. It was 8 movies, during 10 years. So the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is part of a big phenomenon now doesn’t make every other actress that it’s not on the limelight so much irrelevant.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    she looks so pretty

  • boystan

    yas he’s hot GET THAT DICK

  • Silver

    I love Emma… And I love how she keeps her relationships somewhat private and not messy and unbearable for those watching….So proud of her, I hope she stays grounded and sweet. ( I am obviously hinting at Selena here)

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      but didnt an article JUST come out saying she brokeup with that one guy?…. lol

      • Silver

        True. But who is judging, there was no messy public breakdown or any verbal fights. And who knows when they actually broke up, I never see excessive articles about them.

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          This is true! She does lay low, which is what I like about her.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    They look cute! Glad Emma is finally growing her hair out

  • anonymous

    she looks so happy to be there. not!