Harry & Kendall PUBLICITY Conspiracy

hendall-kimberly-stewartVia @ 1DMofosUpdates compares Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s recent rendezvous with Kimberly Stewart publicity stunt that occured in April 2013. Do YOU think Harry’s publicity stunts are planned like Justin Bieber’s?

Source told E! News about Harry and Kendall at Rite Aid in Beverly Hills at around midnight Tuesday night walking out of the store and toward Jenner’s black Range Rover: ‘They were smiling. They seemed happy together.

They looked like they were together, but they could just be friends. They were waiting to go out [of the parking lot] because they had to give the parking ticket to the attendant. Harry waved when they drove off’.

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  • Duckyhoward15

    The same words on all his girls but this time with Kendall lol seemed happy hmmmmmm he does look so happy with her so happy

    • roxanneXD

      hahha harry is gay! kendall is a beard

  • anon

    First pictures prove nothing except that maybe just maybe, HARRY LIKES STARBUCKS!

    Second pictures: yes, he still drives the same car.

    You guys really kill me with this publicity crap.

    • anon

      Correction: second pictures: yes, he still has to get in a car for transportation.***

    • Duckyhoward15

      it wasn’t Starbucks both times and the cars aren’t the same LOL this is kendall’s car and the other is Kim’s car

  • anon

    As for the same wording maybe the same person typed the articles. Hello, they may have a set format for how they type celeb gossip articles. Obvi the events are the same because he enjoys Starbucks and when is he ever not going to need a car?!

    • Duckyhoward15

      Are you the taylor swift anon I talk to ?

      • Anon

        No I’m the taylor swift anon that you talk to. That wasn’t me before lol.

  • Jen

    how does getting starbucks prove that this is for PR or anything for that matter

  • Duckyhoward15

    Let me clear this for some stupid people here , it isn’t about starbucks it is about that both times he was rumored to sleep in his rumored gf house he went to get breakfast and get paped while drinking or holding a drink and use her own car , then he has to go to dinner and use her car while leaving when he usually RENTS a car when he is there then they go around the city while he also drive their cars same with Taylor’s car too , I am just clearing the article for people talking about starbucks

    • anon

      Don’t you typically have the same routine everyday? Use some logic here. How does him eating breakfast and driving cars guarantee that his relationships are for publicity? Shut up.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Are you stupid or are you stupid I AM CLEARING THE ARTICLE I amn’t saying it is real or fake cos I don’t fucking care , but it is clear that he has the same routine , take her to dinner , go to her house sleep there , get breakfast , go to a date and drive her car , go skiing , go around with cal then leave for uk , it happened twice with the same routine , you don’t have to drive her car when you can rent one especially if you won’t meet her again as in Kim’s case the article is talking about how everything happens in the same order

        • anonymous

          trying to be logical with brainwashed fans is very difficult. it’s kind of sick how stupid they become

  • Misha Collins

    It amazes me that people think that this is a real relationship lol.

  • heather

    I’m pretty sure we all suspected this was publicity the first time Kendall and Harry were seen together sooo

  • Lily

    If this is PR, then its the worst fucking PR move ever. Where are all the pap pics? All we’re getting are shitty phone-grade fan pics, and when we do get paparazzi photos, it’s nothing with them being actually couple-y. Seems to me that they’re trying to keep their friendship or relationship on the DL. I don’t blame them, ’cause clearly some 1D fans are fucking nuts.

  • 1DruLzmyWorld

    One Direction are so lucky to have such dedicated fans, I mean not everybody counts with such expose fans. <3

  • noobeg

    1D bitches fans just want to reassure themselves that this will end like his other relationships killign themselves analyzing everything like fuckin bitches go read a book or do something with your lives he would never look at your ugly faces he’ll date models not your dry ass nappy hair and pimples filled red fat faces just let them date whoever they want whether it was publicity or not damn it why do you even care smh

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    well they got what they were looking for.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    she needs him for publicity, he doesnt need her.harry is way more famous than kendall will ever be. does he live in LA now?

  • Somebody

    Haha not surprised about this, it’s pretty obvious that this ”relationship” is just another publicity stunt..

  • Marijo Carrillo

    please read my blog! insideadramaqueenmind.blogspot.mx/

  • boystan

    i don’t think they’re dating for publicity

  • Godney

    Some 1D fans have too much time in their hands…