Justin & Selena ‘Monogamous’ Having Sex

jelenakissinglove-5selena-unicefSelena Gomez & Justin Bieber are having sex again, reports ShowBizSpy: ‘Selena and Justin are officially back together. She wouldn’t be having sleepovers with him if it wasn’t a monogamous relationship, that’s just not her style. But they won’t be making any big announcements.

Selena knows everyone is going to have an opinion about it and she doesn’t want that to get in their way. Selena never stopped loving Justin so even though a lot of people might think she’s making a huge mistake, she doesn’t care. Being with him makes her happy so that’s what she’s going to do. [Taylor] hates Justin and wants Selena to have nothing to do with him.’

E! News said Jelena didn’t going camping lol! ‘Selena and Justin are not back together. Selena and Justin have not gone on any trips together. They have not left town together.’

Do YOU think Jelena are just hooking up or in love again?

NOTE: Bieber was doing graffiti with Kelly Osbourne last night..

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  • eorgheori

    let them be! i support jelena 100%

  • anon


  • Zaina777

    Jelena is forever and ever and ever. They are really cute together. I hope they last. They obviously make each oteher very happy so that’s all that matters.

  • Dina

    they not be back together, i agree with taylor 100 precent, selena needs to stop before she loses taylor swift forever as her best friend , and i support taylor and selena’ s friendship, and you gusya re so dumb, jelena is not forever, they are not even meant to be he hurts her , she lost her mind! even her true friends like taylor hates him

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Give it up already, they’re not even together.
    I really do believe they’re trying to be friends again oooorr they could just be hooking up as well.
    We really don’t know, we haven’t seen Selena in a couple of days after she was hanging out with Demi.

  • johnny

    I cant believe someone would sit down and type about two people sex lives in an article. Its beyond unprofessional. But idk the heart wants what it wants she might still like him, she played the single not ready to mingle card too long. We should’ve known they weren’t going to be over.

  • boystan

    saint selena can’t be that dumb

    • Thinking Individual

      Guess what she is and she has been for years, everything for publicity honey.

  • rertt

    pr stunt people pr stunt.

    dont you see her tour flopped as well as biebers álbum and movie? i still remember in 2010 when selena released a year without rain. nobody cared about her. jan 2011 jelena pics were leaked and her popularity raised like foam.

    i dont buy the whole i need more time to focus on myself thing. even if the sales didnt go well i cant see the reason why someone would turn down her fans just for a guy.

    here in spain in madrid sales plp were giving away her tickets 1 hour before the concert started cause half venue was empty. and they were telling people to go down the general floor to make it look semi full at least.

    • anonymous

      but it’s a very bad way to get fame

      • HTown

        She’s been doing it since 2009/2010 that way.

        • anonymous

          but this time it’s with a drug addicted loser. and i think before all this stuff she deserved praise for WOWP

          • JD

            Praise for wowp? That’s a kid’s show, everyone can act in it. And Bieber isn’t a drug addict, he loves to smoke weed, big deal. He’s not on coke, ( you have no evidence for it) and a dude worth almost 200milion isn’t a loser you are LOL

          • anonymous

            did you see him try to act? he couldn’t do it. anyway when you meet your good friend you can discuss with him that having money from manipulating young girls is a good way to start being a loser

          • HTown

            Lmao, did you seriously use that as a loser definition? Damn you’re one pure dumbass. I guess all celebrities are losers now and you’re some kind of a visionary full of wisdom leader? Shut the fuck up. Actually Bieber was good on SNL. Nice try. Lmao, still laughing at your logic. Come up with something better.
            Oh also being with a guy for his fame and money and boosting your career makes you a fame whore too.

          • anonymous

            i’m so intimidated

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    lol sad that journalist go to college to report stories like this.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    werent they just in vegas yesterday? they get around quick

  • cerenagee

    just let them do their damn thing.

    • anonymous


      • cerenagee

        Haha loser

  • Marijo Carrillo

    I ship Jelena … read my blog pleaseee? insideadramaqueenmind.blogspot.mx/

  • RegReach

    If you get preganant youll forever be bierbers baby mama it aint worth his lil D

    • anonymous


  • getlikemiley

    ugh i don’t care for them together, but after their breakup justin has seemed so unhappy and when he posted a pic of them together you could tell he was happy to share it and i just feel she makes him a better person.

    • Ciara

      He really didn’t look happy in their pic at all. He looked same as always…confused face and shit lol haha

      • getlikemiley

        I’m not even talking bout his face expression. He always does that face. I mean in the way that out of all the pictures he probably has, he just had to post one of him and selena when everyone thinks they aren’t together.

  • Silver

    Aaaww… 258 000 for UNICEF!!! Well done sweetie.

    • Thinking Individual

      Bieber collected 3 milion for Philippines no one is talking about it and OU never reported it. Suckers and double standards around here annoy me.

      • Silver

        Who cares about what Ocean Up thinks, says or posts? He is just an individual who posts what he wants on HIS website. UNICEF recognized Bieber’s efforts and publicly thanked him, what’s wrong with you? Do you want everyone to get on top of the hill and shout well done Justin?

  • JD

    I think they’re friends really. All those crazy fans tweeting they saw them but never post pics, I don’t believe shit they say. Their shippers are crazy, for real.
    I really won’t understand why would Bieber be again with her yet his entire 2013 was a mess because of his broken heart. Why? He wants it all over again or what? He’s a fool for that, he’s very naive and easy to manipulate obviously. Dude needs some real friends and a real girl who will help him find himself, I can’t see Selena ever as that girl, she will only dump his ass again and his other fella’s like Za and the rest will keep fucking him up and using too. I feel sorry for him.

  • jelena?

    if taylor is really good friend of selena,she wont make her choose. and i dont know why, but i just want to believe so bad,that they are actually in love, i found it so romantic,it’s like jelena against the world, i love despite everything people talk about them that they choose to try again and i hope they make it work(it is coming from non selenator or belieber)