Hilary Duff Mike Comrie BREAKUP

hilary-duff-divorce (1)Hilary Duff has split from husband Mike Comrie after three years of marriage, Duff’s rep has confirmed to E! News exclusively: ‘Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie have mutually decided to an amicable separation. They remain best friends and will continue to be in each other’s lives. They are dedicated to loving and parenting their amazing son, and ask for privacy at this time.’

A source close to the couple stresses that the split is extremely friendly and didn’t stem from any particular incident. They simply drifted apart over time, despite trying couple’s therapy to fix their romance. They remain best friends.

They have a 3 year old boy named Luca together.

  • Marina And My Diamonds


  • Sara

    No :( They seemed really happy. This is quite sad.

  • bae

    nooooo get back together!

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    omg! now hilary/ luca will take half of mikes 500 million inheritance

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Is Mike rich? what? im confused. is he some sort of heir of some kind?

      • Kylie

        He’s an ex-hockey player, and his parents own a chain of furniture stores.

      • bliss

        He’s a retired professional hockey player, so yeah he’s pretty rich

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        yes! his family is worth almost a billion dollars. hilary is set for life, (and she probably was before she met him too lol)

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          da fuq, I had no idea!

  • jjgjhvbd

    and they have a child , damn , nothing lasts

  • guest

    never liked that guy. Hil deserves better. lots of celebs rushing into marriage and babies these days

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Im not saying that this was planned, but I thought it was interesting timing and very convenient how she announced her musical comeback, and then shortly after releases a statement regarding her divorce. Interesting….

    • cerenagee


    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      maybe he didn’t agree and wanted her to be a housewife?

      • Cici

        I was thinking that. Because there were rumors on that very same thought, and also he was putting her down because she didn’t lose the baby weight & he thought she looked disgusting now.

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          that is awful if thats true,hilary tweeted that she and mike are together now and are thankful for everyones support

          • Cici

            Like back together?

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            no i guess together reading fan tweets lol?
            a statement from people mag said they are still gonnago to the park together with luca so they are friendly still

          • Cici

            this feels a little PR ish.

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            I know it seems strange…like if your still best friends how can you not try to make it work a little harder lol. like my parents use to threaten getting divorce and eventually dropped it.

            Maybe one became not attracted to the other ?

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            i read somewhere that mike cheated with a random girl while hilary was pregnant too

    • ashleyofcourse

      wait what.
      a come…back?
      baby hilary…is coming…back?

  • Troll


  • cerenagee

    Omg that’s so sad

  • Rosemary

    Wow, I’m shocked!

  • Aria

    There is no hope anymore, this honestly broke my heart seeing this

  • Kylie

    Officially no hope in this world…
    I’m so shocked!!! I feel like a part of me is torn in half.

  • Zaina777


  • hd

    Luca isn’t even two yet, smh.. get your facts right OU
    And this is sad news, Hilary seems so together in everything she does..

  • Cici

    Nothing is as it seems. If they tried to fix it, and it isn’t working out then this is probably best. She will get back in the business and be rich af because she is taking half of his everythingggg!

  • Hollyhysteria

    This broke my heart :(

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Oh no :( They always seemed so happy.

  • fejti

    this is how hollywood works.

  • Molly1958

    There were rumors a while back about him cheating. Maybe they were true.

  • What?

    I literally gasped when I read this title. Aw poor Hilary and Mike, I wish them all the best. But I bet Aaron Carter’s partying right now lol Considering he’s still in love with her 9 years later.

    • ashleyofcourse

      if they were to break up. which i refuse to believe, my support goes to #TeamJilary. thats right. jesse mccartney in da building. what whaaaaat?

  • Clauber

    This is so sad, but she is going to release an album so im still happy for her

  • TheLostChord

    Isn’t their son only like 1 and half or almost two?

  • Somebody

    Noo! They seemed really happy together :( Hope they get back together soon..

  • boystan

    what the hell why

  • ashleyofcourse