Harry Soho House + Liam Funky Buddha

liam-payne-funky-buddha-tattoo (3)liam-lou (3)Liam Payne pictured at Funky Budhha on Jan. 9 and Harry Styles at Soho House in LA. + a pic of Liam’s new tattoo. Zayn Malik denied that One Direction is clashing: ‘We’re all really good mates and understand each other’s boundaries a lot more now.

We understand if somebody in the band’s a bit tired, then we know not to annoy them, or if they’re upset you might have to speak to them.’ Niall: ‘We all know each other’s friends, so we’re like one big group now.’ HarperCollins will publish two new books from pop stars One Direction in 2014 a full joint autobiography of the group and One Direction: The Official Annual 2015.

1D have sold over 610,000 books in print through Nielsen BookScan. Their most recent book, Where We Are: Our Band, Our Story, was published in August, spending five weeks at number one in in the Sunday Times’ hardback non-fiction chart.

This year the band embark upon a global stadium tour, which their official autobiography, out in September, will coincide with. Jerome promised that the currently untitled book (a £20 hardback, with around 80,000 words of text,) will bring fans: ‘even closer to the band by telling their story in the kind of depth we’ve not seen before.’

‘Story of My Life’ has been a big hit on US pop radio. Radio announcer: ‘I hear that growth all over Midnight Memories and I love it. It feels like One Direction meets Mumford & Sons; a more mature vibe, but still with that expected killer hook. Some of One Direction’s previous singles appealed only to core fans. ‘Story’ is a major exception.’

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I like the feather tattoo, he’s over doing it though.

  • boystan

    isn’t he always there

  • boystan

    fuck my ass daddy liam

  • Misha Collins

    Ok Harry you can marry me now