Justin Bieber FELONY Charge, Deported?

justin-bieber-deportedAngels are singing! Justin Bieber will be charged with a felony if LA County Sheriff’s detectives have their way, reports TMZ. 2 detectives met with the owner of the house that Bieber egged Thursday night. Their case is good because they have video of the incident and physical evidence.

Detectives are confident the estimates of damage will raise the stakes to a felony. In California, if the damage is greater than $400 it becomes FELONY vandalism.

Homeowner’s damage could be in the 10s of thousands of dollars because the very expensive Venetian plaster on the outside of the house has to be redone, and very expensive doors and other items were either damaged or ruined.

Do YOU think Bieber will be convicted of felony and be deported?


    unfortunately his lawyers will likely snake his way out of this..

    • Zaina777

      Noooo! Don’t say such a thing.

    • Cici

      True. He will probably get Chris Brown’s lawyer.

  • Hollyhysteria

    please don’t get my hopes up

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      same… I just can NOT wait for his ass to be gone and OUT of the states.

      • Ciara

        You’re so fucking sick with your hatred, how can you cunts hate on celebrities so much I don’t get it lmao

        • anonymous

          you know what the problem is. but i guess you don’t care about the bad things he’s done

          • Ciara

            Oh you again…as expected.
            You know what man I don’t give a shit what is he doing. Why? Because I’m not so obsessed with every piss , bad or good thing he does and take it to heart like you idiots. I don’t give a shit what he’s done,first of all he didn’t do it to me, neither did he harm ANYONE simply messed up and I don’t care. He’s not my brother or someone I care about. Half of the things ”he’s done” are twisted and proven false, some that are true happened a year ago LET IT GO. Will you bring it up in 10 years ? I bet your ignorant ass will. That’s all you can, y’all act like he killed or raped someone. Those neighbors started it first, which is hilarious cause they’re 30 year old grown ass men messing with some dumb teenage rich boy. I’d egg them too,if they can piss on my house and plan on how to sell me out to TMZ I’d egg them too. Have a good day.

          • anonymous

            but if you don’t care why are you getting so upset and defending him?

          • Ciara

            Lmao can’t believe this. I guess you got nothing else to say boy? Let me break it down for you.
            I don’t care about what he does in a way I don’t say whenever he does something ” hope this gayber ends up in jail hope he does oh he dates selena again blabla bla die fucking douchebag you breath air you’re such a douche right” and the rest of nonsense people come up with around here. Defending him? I’m not defending him, I’m stating the FACTS and most of the truth actually. But never mind you won’t ever get it right? So talking to you is like talking to a wall.

          • anonymous

            well simply if you are telling people not to call him a douche you are defending him

            your weird gangsta speak makes me laugh everytime

          • Username

            Racist much? There’s nothing gangsta about the way she’s talking. People like you disgust me.

          • anonymous

            the classic racist card even when it’s not racist

          • :)


          • Ciara

            Aww should I apologize to you now? As said before. If someone is literally bullying me and messing me all the time, pisses on my house and plans with other neighbors to sell me out and my personal stuff I’d egg them too. If they can do dirty shit to me I will do it back to them, fair play. If those 30 YEAR OLD MEN aren’t mature enough to stop doing shit to Bieber, I can’t blame him for firing back at all. Who’s more immature he? Or them? You judge.

        • :P

          You’re annoying..

  • javi g

    in la the law only serves the rich. he won’t be charged. they are so corrupted if justin has a hit and run and kill some one they will free him like they did with oj simpson,phil spector and other celebs who are either kill some one raped or committed vandalism like this douche. they all walk away this is why i lost respect for the justice system in california. if you are a celeb the law is in your favor.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      this is very true. So many rich get away with DUIs lol…

    • Robby

      Considering he’s suing another clearly rich (and probably pissed off) person, this one might go to court.

    • Ciara

      You little douchebag lol, you’re comparing actually vandalism and people trying to KILL OR RAPE SOMEONE with Bieber’s egg throwing ? Are you fucking dumb? Those neighbors messed with Bieber FIRST they started it, so shut your ignorant mouth

      • Jackson

        Seriously from other posts Ive seen so far I think you are seriously defending him. Like bitch stop saying you ain’t : Serioously you fucking Beliebers are so blind ._.

  • lol

    Its about time this asshole gets what he deserves. His fans always talk about how he is young and just a teenager, but I’m not sure of many almost-twenty-year- olds who could get away with this. Or should i say his “beliebers” lmfao.

  • Zaina777

    Praise the Lord!

  • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

    I doubt he’ll leave. He has a lot of connections unfortunately.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      ikr… im sure the obama kids will beg their father to pardon the biebs

      • Mila

        Here is Malia Obama at a One Direction concert.

        They’re Directioners, not Beliebers.

        • lol

          LOL Thank God they are even tho I’m no fan of Obama tbh but Malia is cool :)

  • Zaina777

    He will get away with it. If he doesn’t then once and for all the Hollywood Law will prevail.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I dont think he will get deported for egging, but he will pay a fine I bet.or he will have to clean it up( hire someone to clean it) and make peace with the neighbor

    • kara

      Nah, he won’t be forced to do anything. Celebs usually get away with everything.

  • anon

    They egged and teepeed his house first. some of them were 30 something year old men that just didn’t want *gayber* in their neighbourhood.

    • JD

      His neighbors are very immature then if they did it first, I’ve seen their tweets and those idiots need to grow up first before talking shit about Bieber, he’s younger of course he will be dumb.

  • lmao


  • lol

    i would laugh if he really gets deported lmfaoooo

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Awe poor Bieber.

  • boystan

    i forgot he’s canadian

  • jhjh

    get his ass to canada

  • Anna

    This is stupid. He won’t get deported no matter if be did it or not. And if you think he will, you’re an idiot.

    • KK

      yes sorry but is the truth this kid need to be arrested sorry you are a idiot

  • ty

    this drug kid needs to go to jail he deserve it

  • burnin’ up for nick

    But $400 is like $2.50 to him and a bazillion dollors is also like $2.50 to him so i dont think he cares.

  • Ciara

    He(the neighbor who lied before about Bieber) is lying to bolster his case against Justin-make it stronger. This guy has been looking to hang him for the last two years. TMZ and others are poisoning the potential jury pool by practically calling him guilty BEFORE the matter is examined by Justin’s attorneys; they did that the last time in the speeding case. Everyone assumed Justin guilty until Justin’s lawyers produced the smoking gun-the video. My humble opinion is: wait till we have all the evidence. That’s how justice works.

    • .

      So over a dozen kids playing the knockout game are practically given a slap on the wrist the other day but Justin is threated with jail over ALLEGELY throwing eggs at a wall? This father hates Bieber and has shown it by his numerous complaints against him including the claim justin spat on him which was rejected by the D.A. a few months ago. They are presuming his guilt without even starting the evestigation merely on the word of a psycho father. TMZ has been playing a role in this attempt to ruin Bieber by working with those hostile neighbors and the police. Guess who always comes up with the pics and videos on everything happening there involving Justin? TMZ!

      I agree with you!!

  • .


    The clearest report, stop buying TMZ’s bullshit already, they twist everything and I am thinking about them having a deal with the department now, since they’re way too close.

  • drew33

    seriously how sure are we that the neighbour didnt start all this

    • Legendary Trolly

      Bieber has a history of doing stuff. But this one time, its a good chance the neighbor started it? LOL. The nieghbor is a grown ass man with kids. He not picking fights with Bieber. Bieber just wont do the right thing and I like him, but he just thinks their are no rules.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        That 30 something year old man was on twitter gloating about helping t-pee his house.

  • Username

    ”The most disturbing aspect of TMZ’s report is the sense of their insertion into the vandalism investigation and likely too-close relationship with the Sheriff’s Department.
    While the tension between Bieber and Calabasas residents is longstanding, TMZ played an overt and active role in narrative-shaping of previous investigations, supplementing this with inflammatory visual media.”
    Good one. I think he should simply move out and get out of that neighborhood, those 30 year old men obviously don’t think he deserves to be living around them and aim at him for months. I don’t understand why is he still there? Neighbors can be dickheads, specially rich ones. Always setting up one another.

    • Legendary Trolly

      LOL The neighbor set him up? LOL. Why do you think they want him out? Because of stuff HE does. They dont just dislike him for nothing.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        They admitted on twitter it was a plan, another neighbor of his said he never sees Justin just his friends.

        • Legendary Trolly

          Number one, post the guy’s twitter so I can see. It may not even be him. Number 2, Justin was on tour so his friends were at the house alot. Now he is off tour and he is at his own house.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            I could post all three twitters if I wanted to prove a point but I don’t. Also their twitters aren’t hard to find but one guy already locked his tweets after beliebers found him and started screen-shoting his tweets.

            All I’m saying is it’s not ALL his fault. Bye. :)

          • Legendary Trolly

            Yea but based on his history and the evidence, this time it is his fault I think. And you made a comment about him not being at the house. But as I pointed out, he is off tour and he is also on the video. Bye

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            I didn’t say he wasn’t at the house, I said his neighbor said he doesn’t see Justin, I should have clarified what I meant but lazy. His neighbor said he’s quiet but some of his friends are loud. The man said he was going to post pics of his egged house then deleted the tweet, another guy they rounded up before locking his tweets said he t-peed his house first. This is the same guy that said Justin spit in his face when Justin was in another country. If it was another guy, I would believe it but it’s the same guy.

          • Legendary Trolly

            Maybe you have a point who knows? I just googled and found an article about the neighbor who wanted to sell pics. But Justin hasnt replied to the alligations nor tweeted. Like I said before I like the kid. But on this track, he will end up deported. When I was his age, I was one of those kids that would get in trouble, then it would be a chain reaction where I keep getting in trouble back to back. He seem like one of these kids who will do this his entire life until he starts getting into heavier crime. They go mess around and put him out the country. No more american shows.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Understandable, he’s rich, young and no one to tell him to stop. He will learn and sadly it might have to be the hard way. In no way do I believe he’s innocent, he has done things and still hasn’t publicly took responsibility for it. Hopefully his career isn’t the cost for his antics though it seems to have already starting paying.

  • :)

    He’ll get a slap on the wrist, pay a fine and do community service. Stay tuned.

    • .

      Don’t be so sure what will happen, there are many facts missing. Also community service? Not really, only service for mentally sick people who wish him death and prison daily. Normal people don’t waste their time hating on some rich spoiled teenager and wish him mean stuff.

  • BangBang

    He probably will not get charged with anything. But if it happens to be true that the neighbour actually did the same to him I hope both of them will get a fine or something cause either way it’s just plain childish.

    • Legendary Trolly

      The neighbor is a grown ass man with kids. He didnt throw no damn eggs at Bieber, and he said he hasnt even interacted with Bieber in 6 months. Bieber will be deported soon. I like the kid, but he keeps getting in trouble. He will be like Chris Brown where he just keeps doing it over and over, until he crosses a line. Then he will be out of America within the next 6 months easy. Look how much he did in 12 months last yr.

      • BangBang

        Hence the “If it actually happens to be true the neighbour actually did the same thing to him…”. If I remember correctly someone posted a screen shot where the neighbour allegedly admitted to doing it too. Ofcourse I don’t know what exactly happend but IF both of them did this childish thing I feel like they both should be punished.

      • Ciara

        His tweets say different, neighbor is caught in his own lies. Just accept it, THEY STARTED IT FIRST and if they’re so mature as grown ass men why lower themselves on some teenage boy level? Exactly cause they’re also immature rich rude cunts simply messing him cause they don’t want him around. Why? Doesn’t mean he did something bad,maybe they are simply cunts and don’t like him? Why always think of the worst? Exactly. Use common sense.

  • Letty Mendoza

    this post made me laugh. How the hell do eggs cause over $400 in damage. What the fuck are the eggs made out of? Bricks?

  • likeaprayer

    Please let this happen!