Taylor Swift Top North American Tour ’13

taylor-top-2013taylor-swift-redNorth American concert business hit a new record high of $5.1 billion, reports Pollstar. In 2000 the total was only $1.7 billion. Taylor Swift did the top tour of North America grossing $112.7 million, just edging out Bon Jovi’s $107.3 million.

That makes Swift’s tour the most lucrative ever produced by a country music artist, beating her own record of $97.7 million in 2011. Swift also headlined 21 of the Top 200 grosses reported in North America. One Direction, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band, and Bruno Mars all made the Top 20 for the first time.

  • Anon

    Slay. Her concert was probably one of the funnest nights I’ve ever had.

  • HTown

    Seriously I love Taylor and she’s a great role model, probably the best one out there right now. But she is so overrated, how the hell can she even…someone like her surpass Bon Jovi, God damn Rolling Stones and BEYONCE? Has anyone been to those people’s shows? And the energy they have? It’s something you cannot compare to Taylor’s shows. She is a good singer but not that good, she never dances and is very awkward when she try’s to, she’s having a very average energy, nothing that big at all. While someone like Beyonce really entertains the shit out of her every show, specially on her I am Sasha Fierce tour which I went to, that woman sang LIVE every song and slayed it. I mean, seriously? Don’t get me wrong, also Bon is a legend and Rolling Stones, but Taylor shouldn’t be with those names she just isn’t THAT good, she’s better then many but still has a lot of learning to do. Her singing is better then many but still kinda overrated. I will probably be attacked by her fans now but I don’t care, she’s the sweetest girl and has a great personality, but we’re not talking about personality here. It’s the talent and musical legacy, entertainment and skill in performing for people. She just isn’t all that really..

    • whtfuck

      She still was on top of the list so lol.
      (why did you type out ‘live’ in caps? taylor sings live too)

      • Thinking Individual

        No she doesn’t always sing live.

        • whateven

          Yes she does lmao, when did she ever lip sync?

    • Anon

      I really disagree with you here. But she honestly isn’t overrated, the fact her tour surpassed all those others is a fact, not someone’s opinion. I’m not sure if you’ve been to any of her shows, but they are filled with energy. Literally everyone in the venue knows the word to every song and even though she can’t dance, Taylor brings so many other things to the stage to make up for it. Her shows are very theatrical and interesting and really get you engaged into it. And she knows how to own the stage and reach out to everyone in the audience, even if its in a stadium with 65,000 people. She gets the crowd so involved, and imo, thats what makes someone great. She sings every song live too and is really good in concert, way better than she is on tv. I’ve been to Beyonce’s show too, and I loved her show just as much as I loved Taylor’s. She has a lot of talent, and does most of the planning herself too. There’s a reason the Rolling Stones invited Taylor to come sing with them on stage, and there’s a reason Bon Jovi does nothing but compliment her. She’s obviously not a legend like those two, but they can see how great she is.

  • lmao

    Taylor shits on Beyonce.

    • Thinking Individual

      When it comes to talent. Even Blue Ivy shits on Taylor. Bitch please. Don’t compare the actual Queen with respect and talent with a popular pop chick.

      • Ricky

        lol beyonce has copied a lot of artists, her new material is basically ‘pop my cherry’ pretty sure swifty’s better than that, have you heard the song on her album called All Too well?

        • Thinking Individual

          Copied? She has borrowed couple of ideas, most of it was hers. But nice try honey. Oh you brought up one line and are judging entire album by that? Why don’t you bring up Pretty Hurts or Flawless or Heaven? THAT’S why she’s better. She’s talking about real shit not teeny relationships with boys she was for 3 months, she’s a married grown woman and a mother. Also Beyonce shit’s on her sales, voice, performances,videos and iconic career which she proved herself. Taylor is still a joke, she should thank God Adele didn’t come up with new albums cause Red would fall behind then ;)

          • lol

            How does beyonce shit on her sales though? you do realize that beyonces album sold 1.3 million copies within three weeks and taylors sold 1.6 million within the first two weeks right? im not saying taylor is better than beyonce, she still has a long way to go but she can sure compare. taylor isnt a joke at all lol. and taylor doesnt just write about boys, stop. she has songs for her family, friends, fans, people with eating disorders, and even for a little boy who died of cancer. and dont be talking about adele not coming up with a new album, when the frozen soundtrack, an ANIMATED DISNEY movie is ahead of beyonces album on itunes lol.

          • Thinking Individual

            Taylor’s fans are dumb. Beyonce’s album sold more in three days only digital sales then Taylor’s, the point is Beyonce had no promo or anything, you think tay tay could pull that off? Never in milion years. Beyonce’s sales are over 100milion worldwide, Taylor isn’t even close. Beyonce’s owning Taylor at everything awards,talent,iconic career and many more, and you should accept it. Yes she is a joke, and yes I will come up with Adele because Adele also slays Taylor at everything. Taylor is Twilight famous, not Harry Potter famous. Truth hurts.

          • lol

            Taylors album did better in the long run than beyonces, which is my point. imo, i agree that taylor probably couldnt pull that off, but beyonce has been in the business a lot longer than she has. and beyonces sales are over 100 million because like i said, shes been in it far longer than taylor. i dont think that beyonce owns taylor at everything, thats your opinion and i dont have to accept it? maybe i just think beyonce is overrated, its just my opinion. and lol if adele slays taylor, then fucking frozen is slaying beyonce. taylor is not a joke, thats your opinion, its not the “truth” at all. by the way, i think its pretty obvious you have like four other accounts here, lol.

        • Username

          Did you just say her entire album is pop my cherry ? Obviously you didn’t buy it or get educated about her project at all. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=beyonce%20self%20titled&sm=3 watch those videos and you’ll see one of the many reasons she is better then Taylor and why she’s set the bar with it.

  • Sara

    This girl has gone where no one has gone before. She’s truly magical.

    • asdfghjkl

      she deserves it. She is really one of the VERY few talented people in the music industry today, MORE than most of the stars today use auto-tune, she just uses her talent. im not even a fan of her but this is the truth.

      • asdfghjkl

        sorry for my bad English btw :)

    • boystan


  • boystan

    pollstar lmao

  • boystan

    slay a bit though

  • boystan

    i’m glad i got to see this tour it’s her best one yet and i hope she does a 2nd north american leg

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She’s on a winning streak, she better enjoy it. I want her guitar.