• Dara

    I read this as “Boy Meets World Final Cast Picture” :(
    I wish they wouldn’t try to put a spin off on a show like this. Disney Channel is really crappy these days, maybe they should just hire all new writers that are actually good at their job and stop competing with Nickelodeon.

    I actually watch Teen nick sometimes to be honest. They play lots of reruns of old Nick shows. I wish Disney Channel would do that. They would have so much more ratings if they made a channel just for reruns of their old shows. I’d watch the fuck out of that!

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      this comment is a 100 percent how I feel

    • Softballumpire

      this is wrong though, i believe the people whom working on this are the people whom pretty much work on the first boy meets world. a bit diffren’t don’t comment like you know a damn thing i hate people whom jump to an assumption

      • Dara

        Woah. Why are you JUST NOW commenting on this post? I posted that over 2 months ago lol

        To reply to your comment, I’m not “jumping to an assumption” Do you really think they will have the same people that wrote and directed Boy Meets World? Isn’t that “jumping to an assumption” You don’t know that for a fact either.

        • Softballumpire

          cause i was bored and wanting to comment lol well the way you wrote it you were. no i heard the same person or one of the same person whom did boy meets world on it. i also read that corey not sure he real name didn’t just want to go back for a crap tv show wanted to make sure it would be done well… this why they both sign keep up with times other than my comment

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    i love boy meets world, i hope they dont fuck it up

  • The guy who produced/wrote for Boy Meets World Michael Jacobs (I believe) is coming back to do the same thing for Girl Meets World, so we shouldn’t expect anything different. And people who have already gone to the live taping of the show have said that it looked great. So I’m hoping from their own words, that it’s not a crappy disney show. :)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I still watch Boy meets World and since last year I’ve been hoping they don’t change the realness of it in Girl Meets World. That’s my childhood. Disney took a lot of things out of Boy Meets World that ABC family let us see. Don’t fail me.

  • boystan

    i’m pretty sure i used to watch this show

  • Tu

    I remember watching this show