Miley Female Masturbation TRENDING?

Via ELLE: Miley Cyrus has a knack at pinpointing things in the Zeitgeist and turning them into worldwide trends. After making twerking so popular that it found its way into the Oxford dictionary, she debuted a racy video for her new song, “Adore You,” in which she rolls around while making masturbatory gestures.

Delphine Gaudy, co-founder of hip Parisian, women-centric sex shop Dollhouse says part of our disconnect from proper sexual identity is that women usually first encounter porn that wasn’t intended for them, or, as she puts it, images that are ‘projections of male fantasies onto women.’

But the landscape is changing. And instead of selling ultra-phallic shapes, Gaudy stocks her shop with pocketsize gadgets in fun colors intended for ‘yourself only.’ Personally, I’m pumped that women are getting down with public masturbation.

My only issue with Miley, whom I usually applaud for being a brash, proud, and independent woman, is the lyrics to ‘Adore You.’ As she touches herself in the video she sings:

‘Baby can you hear me/ When I’m crying out for you/ I’m scared oh so scared/ But when you’re near me/ I feel like I’m standing with an army/ Of men armed with weapons.’ Yikes.


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    femist try so hard not to bash her when you can tell they hate what she stands for lol

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I can’t believe the credit she’s gotten for Twerking. Something derived from Africa and credit just stolen.

    “Personally, I’m pumped that women are getting down with public masturbation.” Ummmm. Nooo.

    • :)

      You can thank the media for the twerking nonsense.

  • boystan

    miley her impact