Justin Bieber Egg Damages $20,000+

justin-bieber-joker-tattoo (2)new-tattJustin Bieber‘s egg-throwing on Thursday night caused around $20,000 in damage to his neighbor’s house and he has NOT called to apologize, reports TMZ. LA County Sheriff’s deputies are fast-tracking the investigation. The entire front of his house must be re-plastered.

The Venetian plaster will cost around $15K and there’s another $5,000 in damage to the entry, including various doors that must be re-stained. The case will be referred to the LA County DA who could then file vandalism charges and be filed as a felony.

Bieber is being sued by Jeffrey Binion, the paparazzi who claims one of Bieber’s thugs choked him and stole his camera equipment last June in Miami. Bieber has asked the court to limit the scope of his deposition to JUST this incident.

But Binion’s lawyers want to grill him about 5 other similar attacks allegedly involving Bieber, his bodyguards, and other paps. The judge just ruled the past incidents are fair game. Do YOU think Justin Bieber should be put into jail? Baby also got another tattoo.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    How can 2 dozen of eggs that cost maybe 5 dollars cause 20,000 worth of damage. They just know Justin can afford it, honestly .

    • K

      And I would do the exact same thing just because I hate that kid

    • :)

      I’ll put it to you this way. Those aren’t your ordinary run of the mill neighborhood homes.

    • Alii

      The house is like super expensive though, like the walls and doors and whatnot. They can’t just hose it off. Also, Bieber deserves it.

    • anonymous

      if i poured bleach on your face it would cause more than 20k of damage

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    My house was egged by high-schoolers on Halloween, it wasn’t hard to clean off that time. I’m still waiting on the man to post the picture of his house like he said. I want to see just how bad those eggs damaged his property.

    • http://harryniallsex.tumblr.com/ Narry Sex

      oh im so sorry :( thats awful

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        They were taking care of, they were lucky my mom didn’t press charges. Neighborhood watch don’t play :)

        Thank you!

  • Cici

    That’s pocket change for him.

  • …..

    thats even if he did it. There hasn’t been any pictures or even proof for that matter. All thats out there are articles saying that lawyers and cops are involved, when in reality thats all they’re saying. The video clip that recently came out also means nothing… anyone can edit a video and add things that werent there to begin with. Show a picture of the alleged house.. its not that hard.

    • Alii

      I saw pictures on TMZ? Check TMZ.

      • HTown

        Just proves what type of a greedy rich cunt he is since he immediately sold all his material against Bieber to TMZ. Poor guy, he was so hurt buy it he got a payday from it. I don’t even feel sorry for him, proves also what they did to Bieber before is they all put their tweets to private because people have screeshoted their tweets where they admit they messed him before and made fun of him just for fun. Those neighbors are worse then Bieber, specially since they’re in their 30 ties and have children. Immature.

  • Gladly

    why would he even egg the damn house in the first place. if i were a freaking billionaire like him i would have better things to do with my time. plus he’s 19 not 12???? i dont get it. hopefully it’s not even true!

    • RedneckAtHeart

      At the end of the day he;s still a kid and kids do stupid shit all the time. You have to think about what friends he was hanging out with and keep in mind that he never got to be that rebellious teen. Not defending him by any means cause I think he’s arrogant, but he’s living out the childhood he never had.

    • Ciara

      I don’t get this. How you all act as if he just did it for nothing? Those neighbors MESSED WITH HIM FIRST. They tweeted it but put their tweets on private cause they knew they messed up, publicly have made plans to mess with him just for fun. And you call them mature? They’re 30 year old grown ass men lowering themselves on a teenager boy level? Who’s the real idiot there? If someone peed on my house I wouldn’t like it either. If Bieber is getting charged why aren’t they? Exactly, this is all their plan and they got it. Just because they’re rich doesn’t mean shit, they’re all greedy assholes and lied about Bieber many times before. They’re even lying now how he aimed at his daughter to make his case stronger. Y’all just don’t keep up and as always blame it ALL on Bieber, cause TMZ reports only what makes him look bad.

      • Gladly

        Okay, @Ciara.
        All I’m saying is Justin is too immature and that’s why he’s going down. If your neighbors suck, fucking buy another mansion and move. Justin has all the resources in the world, could be happy, successful, rich, have a good reputation like he used to, yet still does the most reckless and childish things that affect his image. Why? He’s rebelling against fame (paparazzi, rumors, tabloids, blogs talking shit about him).
        He’s too immature and can’t take the pressure. I’m feeling a Britney-esque meltdown really soon. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  • wtf

    Bieber, grow the f*ck up. I’m the same age as this guy and think everything he’s doing is immature. Not to try and keep Nick Jonas’ name in my mouth or anybody else’s but really? Egging is still a thing? I’m not saying I’m a saint because I egged a school when I was….. 15 years old, not almost 20. It’s time to grow up Bieber. Everything that you think is funny would be considered just that if you were still a kid but you’re not, you’re almost an adult. Pay up, suck it up and face the consequences and stop doing these childish things!

  • roxanneXD

    bieber is the most stupid celebrity

  • Hello

    He’s a dude.. and he has like the most hairless arms ever.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Lol, he probably shaves them

      • JD

        Actually it’s obvious he doesn’t shave them, Bieber simply has lighter hair on his arms and legs too. His legs did get hairy a lot but his arms didn’t, happens to many guys. Not all girls like too hairy arms,my arms are pretty normal but my girlfriend doesn’t like even that. Also even if he shaves them there’s nothing bad about it, my grown dad shaved his arms because they were too hairy and looked ugly to him. I never understood the logic ”real men have hair on their chest arms and the rest” bs. Makes no sense and never will, maybe some simply don’t like it? I don’t wanna look like a wolf.

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          i didnt say there was anything wrong with him shaving them.its strange because alot of girls even get hair on their arms, i guess not him

  • boystan

    i really like the first picture he looks cute and innocent

  • BangBang

    20k is not alot of money for Bieber, but still 20 FREAKING THOUSAND DOLLARS?!!!!

  • HTown

    One reason I say wait for all the evidence is what happened in the L.A. speeding incident. Three witnesses including Mr. Johnson claimed he was the driver and Mr. Johnson chased the car after dropping off his daughter quickly and chased it to his home where he saw Justin driving his car into the garage enclosure. It looked airtight. But a video surfaced showing Bieber’s friend driving with Bieber behind him on a motorcycle, getting off and into the car to drive it into the garage; meanwhile Johnson arrives just when the door to his garage is closing. The Sheriffs cannot and should not use this, for example, to build a case this time against justin for egging.