Selena Come & Get It Gold In Mexico!

Selena Gomez is still making headlines even though she disappeared right before Justin Bieber’s infamous drug den bust in his Calabasas home. Selena Goddess’ first single from Stars Dance ‘Come & Get It’ has achieved 30,000 downloads in Mexico, certifying it Gold!

This is Selena’s highest single sales in Mexico. However, Selena has managed other certificates in the country as certified Gold albums with Stars Dance and When The Sun Goes Down. Congratulations! Stay Strong!

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    That’s great.

  • Cici

    Such a babe <3

    • anonymous

      but how do we know she’s not a drug addict like the rest?

      • Cici

        Baha. At least she keeps it classy

  • Guest

    The fact that she spends time at a house with illegal drugs with a boyfriend that buys prostitutes says a lot about her.

    • Silver

      Unfortunately what you say is true. Demi did say something along the lines “You are who your friends are….”… I think.

      • Misha Collins

        I thought she said that about Miley and her bestfriend (I don’t know his name something like Chey? lol)

      • A Cat

        She was mocking Miley and her friend Cheyne with that tweet. Demi hasn’t gotten along with Cheyne (at least publicly) since he posted a video making fun of her past alcohol abuse.

  • Demi Lovato

    Jesus. Why did you pick that GIF.

  • boystan




  • Marijo Carrillo could you read my blog please?


    selena did NOT take cocaine with bieber don’t believe the reports :)

  • Godney

    THAT GIF!!! bravo to who ever made that. It looks like a horror movie shit. loves it!