Justin Bieber Drug Den Raid ROUNDUP!

justin-bieber-drug-den-roundup9bieber-beadles (1)7-yearsSource: ‘People close to Justin had wanted Lil Za out of the picture, but obviously Justin makes his own decisions.Lil Twist and Lil Za were ordered by Scooter to vacate Justin’s house. He wanted them out last September and they were even set up with their own apartments. But it never happened. Scooter desperately wanted to clean house.’

Source told Celebuzz: ‘The neighbors aren’t 100 percent sure they can actually do the repair to the house. The low estimate is $20,000 just for the repair. But they may have to replace the damaged wood and brick, which could cost $70,000 to $100,000.

Police are worried that Bieber’s attorney could work out a deal for the damage before a case is even filed, which means the 19-year-old could get restitution, maybe probation and ‘it’ll go away.’

Lil Za was angry that he didn’t get out of jail fast enough: ‘He damaged a phone. He was upset he wasn’t getting out fast enough. I don’t know if he knew then, but he does now, that he was 15 minutes from getting out. The bail bondsman was already there. So he was angry. It wasn’t fast enough for the young lad.’

Bieber usually ducks inside when he sees the cops roll up to his property only to have his security deal with the intrusion, couldn’t close the door this time: ‘He’s a 19-year-old kid who has too much money. I get that you’re upset, you’ve woken up only to have police in your house and it’s unsettling. But, unfortunately, I have control over your house and you have to calm down.

He had to posture with all the people around him, the tatted-up wannabe rappers. Once he called down, I think he got it. Police will take what they have to the D.A. who may say the money amount is significant and this kid is terrorizing the neighborhood. Or it could go the other way. You can’t prosecute because it’s Justin Bieber and you can’t not prosecute because it’s Justin Bieber.”

Bieber did not undergo questioning by police at his home Tuesday and police doubt that he will provide any details, given his track record: ‘We’ve never in all of our dealings with him had him say anything. His attorney has informed police before that Justin won’t be providing a statement. So we don’t expect this to be any different. It will be left to police to look for evidence.

The neighbors up there are fed up with him. Just the parties alone. The neighbors aren’t comfortable with the crowd. It’s the friends, music, cars and people come and go as they please. There’s too much going on at the same house with the same complaints.

The stuff that he’s doing just happens to be what’s happening at every college fraternity on a daily basis. The only difference is that he’s doing it in a neighborhood with prominent people who have spent millions of dollars to live there. He’s acting like a frat boy, but he’s not at a fraternity house.’

Lil Za who was arrested Tuesday morning on suspicion of felony drug possession: While in custody, he allegedly vandalized a phone in the jailhouse, so now he is facing a felony charge related to that as well.

He was released after posting bail in the $70,000 range, E! News said. Bail had been set at $20,000 before the second arrest. Though authorities first said the drug involved was cocaine, they doubled back later in the day to say it was more likely Ecstasy or Molly, a purer form of Ecstasy. There may have been some Xanax found as well, according to TMZ.

According to E! News, Bieby asleep during the drug raid: ‘Justin was right. It’s A little weird being woken up by a team of police officers. Justin had to be calmed down [by the police]. He was not disrespectful, but he was wondering what was happening. He also looked like he was trying to be strong in front of your friends.’

A security guard and someone who seemed to be another employee Bieber were in the garage when the officer arrived, but the rest of the group including Bieber Lil Za, who was arrested on suspicion of drug possession, was sleeping. Police said Bieber will not be ‘exonerated’ and claims of ‘attacks of eggs’, or that he had been arrested.

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  • cerenagee

    Omgggg get over it. Its fucking eggs. Jesus Christ. Doing the mosssst to milk biebs. Meanwhile every Halloween thousands of homes just have to suck it up and wash the egg off their homes bahaha rich people problems

    • Clauber

      I dont think it is just for the eggs, i mean he loves drugs (not only marijuana), it must be very scary that your rich untouchable neighbor wants to attack your house under the drug effects, plus it was not halloween

      • cerenagee

        I’m perfectly aware that its not Halloween im just saying homes being egges happens on the motherfucking daily and a shit ton on halloween. Hahaha I’m sure it is absolutely terrifying having eggs thrown at your own. so scawwwy. all of those dollar amounts of damage done to the house were because it got egged……so yeah….it was for the eggs.

      • cerenagee

        btw molly makes you happy as shit and xanax makes you droopy and slow…..so scary, let me tell you.

        • Username

          Hahhaha I just wanted to say that…really is Molly that bad ? Not as much as Coke. I didn’t even think he’s that dumb to use Cocaine. if he likes pot too let him smoke it, Obama did too at his age

          • cerenagee

            majority of the world has smoked weed. it makes you calm, sleepy, happy….it’s not something that will make you violent. neither will molly or xanax. coke? yes. lsd? yes. shrooms? maybe. the actually hallucinating part could. meth? yes. like they found party drugs on him and drugs that will calm you down like haha ughhh. gtfo. it’s not like he’s like miley promoting the shit. he’s doing it in private.

      • cerenagee

        damaged wood and damaged brick costing up to 100g? come the fuck on. its eggs. power wash that shit off and call it a day. like its not that god damn serious. rich people are annoying AF. i can see there being like some paint damage and that costing money to fix but really? wood and brick damage……doing the most.

        • Clauber

          They found drugs in her home, it is so much more serious, but easy, he is not going to jail, maybe someone else did it

          • cerenagee

            well of course. we all know the biebs and his crew do drugs. if the police raided majority of celebs homes them they’d find drugs.

        • RedneckAtHeart

          In the guys defense, we don’t know what his house is made of. People with money like to have their house built with expensive material. The brick and wood could be exotic.

          • cerenagee

            Could be possible. I feel like its just super blown up though.

    • Username

      They won’t let it go cause it’s Bieber and every media site will keep up with this cause people only care about his bad press and it sells more.

  • JUG

    Is anyone else surprised that Lil Za was able to get a bondsman to post $70,000 for him so quickly. And that Lil Za is able to afford that stash Molly? What exactly does he do for money?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’m so over this

    • boystan

      same tbh

  • laura

    I don’t know how houses are made in America but for christ’s sake, if you’re fucking rich, I’m pretty sure your house isn’t made of fucking card board!! How on the fucking earth can you have damage to your house by some stupid ass eggs?
    There’s either more to it or rich people have proven again that they’re fucking idiots with way too much time and money on their hands.

  • boystan

    people just dont care about him anymore

  • GG

    My problem here is, how those stories say all his neighbors are ”terrorized” by him and he’s a bad neighbor while only 2-3 are actually behind all of this. Why don’t the news show around 5-6 neighbors who said good stuff about him publicly and hang out with him all the time? I’ve seen pics of him with their children and they have a good relationship. If he’s THAT horrible neighbor why would they be so nice with him? Exactly, Bieber’s party’s aren’t that loud either, it’s just coming from mouth of same neighbors who dislike him and have planned to get him out for ages, I’ve seen their very nasty and immature tweets. Wake up people, you’re only being shown one side of the story, and it is as always all on Bieber’s fault. I don’t excuse his egg throwing incident, if he did do it. It’s immature, but the thing is they’re writing those reports based on 2-3 people but ignoring his other neighbors who have a good relationship with him! I’m just saying people, if he was so bad everyone would hate him and complain not the same 2-3 who even hide their identities. My friend lived in Calabasas and moved out, because he said people who live there ( not celebrities ) are one of the most rude and greedy rich people who complain about every sound you make. And I believe him, now he lives outside of LA and he’s having a peaceful life, before all they did was fight with him. I don’t live in LA so I don’t know. I hope you get my point, also Molly and Xanax are easier drugs, they can get away with it. I’m glad it’s not cocaine and they were tested. I think we’re taking it a bit too harsh on Bieber, I think he needs to go on some desert island without anyone around by himself or family or some girl that makes him happy and simply rest and get away from drama. I would be stressed if I was him and would really just calm down. Come on Biebs, you have such a talent don’t waste it!

  • Lana

    He’s a big boy and well aware of his actions. I could see if he was a 12 year old egging someone’s house but he’s a grown up now.

    • anonymous

      even if he was 12 you’d expect people to be angry at him

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Stay strong bieby!