Selena Urged Bieber To Get Mental Help

jelenakissinglove-3Selena Gomez has urged boyfriend Justin Bieber to undergo anger management if they are to get back together permanently. Source told YAHOO! ”Selena has told him ‘no romance without new manners’, and insisted that he should take a course in anger management.

Selena is an old fashioned southern girl from Texas and believes in manners and good behaviour, she’s told Justin that he has to mend his ways if they are to start seeing each other regularly again. Selena has been on her own and what she calls ‘on the road’, but she hasn’t stopped being attracted to Justin.

She just wants some pleases [and] thank yous, as well as some good behaviour if things are to get serious again. ‘She has told Justin he needs help with anger management and that he should book classes


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Was this before or after they hooked up a few days ago?

  • cerenagee

    good for her. i hope this is true and i hope if biebs cares he’ll straighten up and surround himself with positive influences.

  • anonymous


  • Zaina777

    Jelena is amazing. I hope he actually gets the help if this is true.

  • boystan


  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    hope that’s truth, that guy is a mess and he seriously needs some help

  • roxanneXD

    jelena giu

  • Liz

    I honestly believe they’re not back together, Selena’s too smart for that no hate just saying.

  • Guest

    I really don’t think this is true at all. He’s still immature & having too much fun to want help much less from his ex because I agree with Liz comment I don’t think they’re back together Selena’s too smart for that, people just assume they are because of the pic he posted, (for his benefit tbh) the Segway spotting at his street & gossip stories of spottings (where we only spot him & not Selena).. Maybe they just trying to be friends but nothing more. Where are his parents, family members & close real friends? Anyways the only person that can help Justin is himself & no one else.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “Source..” M-Hm riiiiight.

  • Silver

    I think I am way too protective of Selena… of all her boyfriends I only approved of Taylor Lautner. The rest I pretty much loathe.

  • y8

    i love celena gomez