Sexy DJ Joe Jonas Barber Shop Visit

Joe Jonas feeds his parking meter before heading to a barber shop in Los Angelesblanda-hairFamous working actor, musician and professional DJ Joe Jonas feeding his parking meter before heading to a barber shop in Los Angeles. Joe has been seen recently at many high end fashion events with his eternally flawless girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler. Photos: PacificCoastNews.

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  • roxanneXD

    Oceanup: Famous working actor, musician and professional DJ Joe Jonas

    hahahhaha sarcasm?

    he’s now not famous and is a failed

    • GentileJewel

      Shut Up! Bitch! Your simpleton brain is over working!

      • anon

        You need mental help. Quit attacking everyone for having an opinion. You might not agree, but that doesn’t mean you have to attack.

        • roxanneXD

          hahah i agree and GentileJewel is a blanda ass kissers! I don’t care. I will continue giving my opinion :)

    • Gina

      Still having no life I see? Aww you poor thing the only way you get attention is by talking shit about ppl who don’t give a fuck about you :) you’re sad :) get a life, a job, anything really :)

      • roxanneXD

        is just the true! and if you do not like my comments, just so easy to ignore me, I will continue discussing what I want hahah :D

  • cerenagee

    Mm he looks so hot here

  • d

    ugly’s shirt. Joe used to be hot, what happened to him?

    • GentileJewel

      Check again or have your head checked

    • Martha

      Ugly shirt cuz it’s his gf? Get a life him and he’s fucking hot so… I think you’re dumb

    • Hannah

      D…… Lol joe is still hot

  • GentileJewel

    Why is he smiling? He is so cute!!!:)

  • Joe bb

    Ughhhhhhh FML he looks so fuckin good my GODD

  • Joe bb

    Fuckkkkk lawd he looks hotter and hotter every fucking day omfg

  • anon

    He looks so fucking good but that shirt has got to go!

  • Jaz

    Y’all really why you hating?! Really if you have nothing NICE to say why even give a FUCK?! like why waste your time on hating something and you’re calling ppl mental cuz they’re defending their opinion?! Like ok fine say your opinion but just don’t be ugly and aggressive about it. Anyway joe look good as always

  • threelittlebirds

    he looks insanely attractive here.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He’s short, I like Blanda’s hair. Cute.

  • ……

    He’s soooooooooo handsome

  • Ty

    Wow joe jonas is amazing gorgeous he is going to do a solo concert

  • boystan

    he looks cute

  • billene

    why is he laughing to himself in these pictures lol ?

    he’s really attractive here. Must be the hair and the all black clothing

    I hope he does’t ruin his hair by that trip to the barber shop.He looks fine like this

    + really can’t say anything about oceanup’s sarcasm because it’s fair for them to poke fun at this point. I just hope he continues working on his music, I do see potential in him.

  • 74am

    his hair is so thick and his facial hair grows really fast but in those shirtless hawaii pictures his body has very thin hair it looks hairless. weird .

    • Anon

      Because he shaves his chest hair

      • meee

        no not his chest, his arms and legs . if he shaves his arms and legs the hair would come out thicker like his beard but it’s not.It’s very thin

  • he looks foin af

    he was clubbin with nick last night.can I go to that club so I can rape him in that club bathroom ? no ?

  • mmmbop

    I used to like blanda but she’s starting to give me the bitch vibes
    like stfu you’re 5 years older than joe and she’s starting to look old too go back to europe
    the only reason I still kinda ship them is because she actually has talent in drawings lol

    • anon

      Oh yeah. I can draw lines and dots too!

  • mmmbop

    oh and her golden globes look and THIS SHIT isn’t cute wtf is her hair ?

    • anon

      It’s a honey bun because Joe likes them and when he gets hungry he eats them and her hair.

  • Sara

    He’s looking so good. Blanda’s a lucky girl.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    #blenders our Queen looks stunning!