Drake Bell ‘Bieber Is Idiot & Can’t Draw’

drake-bell-bieberdrake-bell-bieber-2drake-bell-bieber-3Drake Bell accused Justin Bieber of owning the illegal drugs: ‘Hey @justinbieber how much are you paying Lil Za to take the coke wrap for ya? Be a man and take responsibility. Learn to be an ADULT! @justinbieber instead of egging speeding around your neighborhood and defacing property like a little s–t you should practice your guitar!!’ Drake deleted those Tweets. ess.”

Bieby’s BFF Milk Tyson: ‘@DrakeBell tweeted from the elephant bar in la Mirada. He’s no longer there. They said his shift was over. Just want to talk @DrakeBell call me.’ Bell: ‘haha actually just a quick bite after Disneyland. .What do you do again?’ Tyson: ‘You sure seem to have a crush on jus you talk about him enough @DrakeBell stop being a bully bro it’s a bad look. I don’t twitter beef. Talk.’

Bell: um.. .not mad. just responding.’ Tyson: ‘Blah blah blah I don’t talk tough on twitter @DrakeBell & I do love my brother, that’s why 1 day you’ll answer for your bully s–t. Call me when you want to stop hiding behind a keyboard and talk like a man @DrakeBell.’ Tyson: um.. nope not in love with him like you sorry.’ Bieber’s fans found Drake’s alleged phone number and address and posted it online.

  • drfjier

    drake is right. i do agree with him. not only him but more celebs are coming out dissing Bieber . just because you have all the money in the world doesnt entitle you to whatever the hell you like. gotta have some respect and integrity.
    all these 13 yrs old the only excuse they can come up with is how Bieber is more talented than him constantly comparing his awards and sold out show. i’d rather be non famous than having all the money and success n the world and being an ass.

    spot on drake. i hope he goes back to canada.

    • Team JB

      There are 2 sides to every story…. no one is prefect not even this old news Drake.

      • Team “Old News Drake” (K)

        I would rather have no success at all than being an absolute idiot.

        And BTW nobody has said a thing about being perfect, but you don’t need to be perfect to stop being a twat.

        • cerenagee

          I would rather be an idiot than be a loser almost 30 year old has been trying to bully a 19 year old on Twitter…..

          • Godney

            “bully”…? if bieber doesnt want to see it just block him -.-

          • cerenagee

            Drake is just annoying AF to me.

          • anonymous

            really though? you’d rather be a drug addicted idiot than someone who can stop writing crap on twitter?

          • cerenagee

            i didnt say id rather be a drug addict hahaha i simply said an idiot. nowhere in that did i say id rather live and act like biebs.

          • anonymous

            i think that’s what the other person meant

        • Godney

          “team old news drake” lol!!! loves it

    • roxanneXD

      Bieber is more talented than him constantly comparing his awards and sold out show. ?????

      mmmm was!

      mmm the last album is flop and the movie believe too

      their sales go down and do this kind of scandals for attention.

    • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

      *never ending claps for this comment*

    • soft ghetto

      Drake is the last person to be calling anyone a douchebag, I heard from multiple people that he was acting like a bitch towards them at comicon.

  • Duckyhoward15

    I don’t like Justin’s actions but Drake is acting like a fangirl who is jealous of someone who is dating her celeb crush .

    • lol

      “A fangirl who is jealous of someone who is dating her celeb crush” lol…..

      • Duckyhoward15

        You know its real

        • lol

          Not sure what that means, i just found the first comment funny coming from a one direction fan lol

  • anonymous


    • Duckyhoward15

      Most fans say the same it isn’t really weird , just some people who want to have fun

      • K

        It isn’t really weird to desire to get AIDS. Yeah sure…

        • anonymous

          L O L

        • Duckyhoward15

          No it isn’t weird that they tweet things like that , I am 99 % sure that she won’t really have sex with , chill don’t take things seriously babe

      • rme

        shut up

  • Lily

    I don’t like Justin Bieber, but I don’t get why Drake Bell is making such a public fuss over things. Has JB done something to him personally that I don’t know about? Why all the hostility? Justin Bieber is hardly the only idiot in Hollywood.

    • anonymous

      which other idiots have ‘millions’ of brainwashed ‘followers’ and earn so much from these suckers?

      • Lol

        All celebrities dude? Are you dumb or what? Your ”reasons” for hating Bieber get more stupid by day.

        • anonymous


  • Team JB

    This Drake dude is like what, 27 yrs old? He’s acting just as immature rambling on freakin Twitter!? This dude has some insecurities or self esteem issues to be cyber bullying a 19 yr old. & its not the first time too. He should act as the grown respectful mature man that he thinks he is & keep to himself.

  • drake&bieber are both bitches

    I don’t even like that idiot justin but why is this stupid hoe drake taking it so personal ? what did he do to you ? just stfu you has been or never was.Even the people who are directly affected by bieber’s stupidity aren’t doing half the pmsing drake is doing STFU old hag

  • lol

    Saying justins art is terrible is fine because his art really does suck but calling him an idiot was a bit too far…whatever its his opinion and his tweets. i just think people need to learn to be more respectful in their opinions. we are all people. that goes for drake and those 13 year old bieber stans in general

  • BoredAtHome

    So Drake is telling Justin to be act like an adult, yet Drake insists on cyber bullying someone who is in their teens and he’s in his late 20s?

    So Drake has absolutely nothing better to do than keep tabs on Justin?

    So Drake believes Justin is talentless? You don’t have to be a belieber but you have to admit the guy has vocals & just because you don’t like his specific genre it doesn’t mean it’s crap. & yes obviously there must be talent to be as successful as he is.

    So what does Drake do again?

    Sorry to diss Drake, but come on! You whine and complain about some else’s whining and complaining.
    Yeah, Justin’s behavior may not be all so great but I made decisions I probably shouldn’t have when I was his age but I didn’t have the whole world watching to judge me.
    Whatever the case, NO ONE has the right to judge ANYONE.

    • Julia

      I can’t see how he’s “cyberbullying” someone just by pointing out clear visualizations of state law, he said he shouldn’t vandalism and even though the molly/coke or whatever may not of “been he’s” it was still on his property and any other normal person would be arrested/fined/deported. Anyway plenty of people talk shit about bieber, most people on this site but because drake is known he gets so much hate, yeah he shouldn’t stoop to the level he has but i agree with Drake far more, he may not be as “relevant” as many beliebers and justins team seems to comment on but then again neither are we, and at least he doesnt promote an unhealthy life style unlike Justin and his team. In the end of the day I don’t think Justins a nice guy BUT i blame not only bad parenting but also the people he surrounds himself with, and he shouldnt blame anyone like scooter (who he seems to at the moment) or anything. He should blame himself……btw we all know Drake picks on him to get a rise out of him like the weirdos on youtube who used to comment on jonas brother videos back in the day calling them “faggots” coz they wore skinny jeans….and yet years later everyone wears them. Anyway you get what i’m saying.

    • http://Divergentwinchester.tumblr.com/ Julia

      By the way you just contradicted yourself by saying “no one has the write to judge anyone” yet you just judged Drake by asking what exactly he does…and just so you know, he writes music, he still performs and guess what, him and Josh peck are making a movie…and over the span of his 18 year career he hasnt been caught with drugs, he’s never been chucked out of a nightclub for being an idiot, his never punched a paparazzi and he’s never paid for sex in a trashy brothel.

  • Shailene Woodley

    I don’t even like Justin but Drake annoys me so much, he acts like Justin killed his cat and threw it in the ocean.

  • anonymous

    drake is saying what he thinks. and so justine is protected by his weed dealer and psycho cult ‘followers’

  • BrokenArrow18

    Drake has an obsession with the Biebs lmaohe’s seems so pressed.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Ooo I see Drake (the irrelevant one) is still at it. Justin’s biggest fan.

  • cerenagee

    drake just trying to stay relevant.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    both annoy da fuq out of me.. drake is thirsty, but I have to hand it to him, he’s doing a good job at pissing beliebers off and it makes me laugh

    • Cici

      trolling level 99.9999

  • BangBang

    What does Drake Bell do beside talking about Justin Bieber 24/7?

    • http://Divergentwinchester.tumblr.com/ Julia

      He writes music, he still performs and guess what, him and Josh peck are making a movie…and over the span of his 18 year career he hasnt been caught with drugs, he’s never been chucked out of a nightclub for being an idiot, his never punched a paparazzi and he’s never paid for sex in a trashy brothel, which is clearly what justin does 24/7.

      • BangBang

        And I’m happy for him, but really though people don’t really know Drake nowadays for his work but more for his trash talking. And you know, I don’t really mind when people call Bieber our when he has done something stupid but it seems as if Drake just does it to get attention. He should talk more about what his up to than trying to piss off teengae girls.

        • http://Divergentwinchester.tumblr.com/ Julia

          He does talk/tweet about what he has coming up, it justs every so often he takes the piss out of bieber, I dont understand why people just focus on Drake though clearly plenty of offer celebs do it but they just focus on drake and he gets a shit load of hate that he doesnt deserve. It just makes me laugh that beliebers literally hate on drake bell and then say how its wrong for him to call bieber out when theyre tell drake to go hang himself etc

          • BangBang

            Probably cause he does it more than other celebrities…

          • http://Divergentwinchester.tumblr.com/ Julia

            LOL he really doesn’t, he does it to equal amounts that everyone else does trust me.

  • drakebellisawesome

    You tell em Drake Bell!

  • cerenagee

    I just actually read all of drakes tweets and its so annoying. Hahaha like biebs is an immature little dbag but Drake is just so fucking annoying. He’s a fat zero. That’s fine if he doesn’t like biebers “art” or music but biebs is still way more talented. He’s got an amazing singing voice. Drake is just pissed that nobody gave a motherfuck about him when he tried to launch an actual musician career. Nobody cared after drake and josh for that matter. That show wasn’t anything special in itself. Drake is just annoying as fuck and needs to go crawl back under whatever rock he thought he has a right to come out of. He sounds like an annoying has been……oh wait. Sincerely, not a belieber.

  • boystan

    okay clam down

  • Cici

    I was waiting on Drake to say something. He is being quite annoying over bieber, and it’s just pathetic now. But I wish his music had more success. I was a big fan of his music, especially his voice..honestly I’d chose his voice, talent, and music over bieber anyday, but pop is where it’s at for this generation… This is all just ignorant. Drake, you should prove you are better than that, if you are.

  • Dara

    I’m conflicted! I hate Justin, but some of the stuff Drake is saying is making him look like a douche, and he’s kinda taking it too far. I think Drake and Justin BOTH need to grow up

  • Drake bell >

    I just wanna know what hunter moore said hahahaha drake is fucking A+

  • Anna

    Drake tried to be really famous and failed, because truthfully, he’s not that good. He started on Nickelodeon and tried to release CDs and never became that popular. It would make sense that Drake is jealous of Bieber because Bieber has everything he wants, not to mention the hair style Drake had before JB was even famous is known at “Bieber Hair”. I’m confident Drake didn’t like that all too much. Drake is being ridiculous, and is obviously entertained by the crazier Beliebers who tweet him very immature things, but when it comes down to it, it is sad and pathetic that this is where Drake Bell gets his fun from. He should really just stop tweeting about Justin as much as he does.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    lol drake is just called justin out on his shit, people need to calm down

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    how does drake make a living though, im sure his nick money dried up lol

    • Cici

      He’s still worth like 2 million.

      • Username

        Bieber can buy him and sell him LOL he mad.

  • Silver

    I have one question for Beliebers. Do you think if Justin asked to have sex with you right now you would?

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I’m not a belieber but I still want to answer the question.

      Mmmm no.. Maybe if he got tested right in front of my eyes.
      If it was 2012 Justin I’d say yeah.

      Let me stop, no.

      • Silver

        Lol… a lot of people seem to think he has an STI or HIV…

  • Godney

    i dont care what you say about Drake. i LOVE HIM!! he has the best answer ever! lol

  • Anonymous

    Seriously who even is Milk Tyson!? NO ONES EVEN HEARD OF HIM!!! Maybe Bieber shouldn’t be such a little shit head and cause problems in America all the time, he can have his ass deported back to Canada at any time, and honestly he should be.

  • Darius Carter

    Milk Tyson is a super suck up in Hollywood. He moved here thinking he was going to be a famous rapper. Years later, he only sells weed..legally…like delivering a pizza. He was fired from Speed Weed because he was incompetent at that mindless job. He started stalking Justin Bieber, and hooking him up with weed so he would be his friend. He is an old, half bald, fat man…..who recently tattooed Justin Bieber on his arm.