Ariana Grande Recording Second Album

ariana-grande-hair-bitch (3)Ariana Grande Tweeted: slept thru an earthquake.. yep workin hard ❤❤❤ ‘@scooterbraun: @Arianagrande u sound pretty excited about the session #newalbum’ ..I’ve started working on my 2nd album ❤❤❤

remember when you said not to announce I was working on my new album & then you tweeted that I was working on a new album @scooterbraun? but yeah so far sounds good..

very happy bout it.butyeahso far sounds good.. very happy bout it. hahah probably not but I do wanna make sure it’s right I’ll hurry “@PlanetVinus: @ArianaGrande we won’t have to wait 3 years again will we?”

Are YOU excited that Ariana is recording another album?


    praying it’s better than bieby’s

    • Username

      You’re so desperate that you bring him up in every article.

  • Cici

    Yaaaassss! Seriously stoked. Her first one is on repeat everyday.

  • fapfasdf

    Didn’t she just say she was writing it? lol.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    She doesn’t need scooter’s help for this album, she did the first one with out him.I hope her sound doesn’t change too much because Yours Truly was flawless

  • rinni

    She needs to get away from scooter all he does is pick up potential and ignore then fr his meal ticket jsutin
    Carly rae jepsen, the wanted and now her.. dont wate your talent and time honey.
    He’s a simon cowell wannbe who got lucky

    • Username

      At least he finds people with talent, which Simon isn’t doing lately.

  • boystan


  • boystan


  • a

    not excited because I’m not a fan but I’m oddly glad she’s making a new album.She does have talent. Glad people with talent are making new music