demi-lovato-frozendemi-lovato-oscar-nominationDemi Lovato‘s song ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen nominated for Best Original Song.

  • Guest28

    Awesome!!!! Good for her!! Proud to be lovatic!! :)

  • guest

    Technically Demi wasn’t nominated and neither was Idina Menzel. If they want to be really specific the honor would go to Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. The title’s a bit misleading, OU. Though I get that you’re pointing out that Demi was a part of it.

  • omgwhat

    Demi got an oscar nom and not Taylor Swift? what kinda bullshit?!

  • livelaughlove

    she didnt get an oscar nom, the person that wrote the lyrics and the person that wrote the music got a nom.

  • Ricardo

    Not her.. the song.

  • anon
  • anon
    • wilmerdrama

      lmfao is this wilmer ? why would anyone gif his ass in the first place lol

  • no

    Demi has absolutely nothing to do with that song getting nominated for an Oscar.

    • QueenM

      BEING A PART of the song which got nominated. She is NOT taking credit. -.-

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    LOL… well that’s awkward for Demi. She may as well go ahead and claim that Golden Globe Award that the song got too then. woops…. BUT… Go Demi regardless! I loved her version of it.

    • Anna

      She is claiming nothing and if you actually read you would notice that she said congrats to those that wrote the sing and she was happy she has been apart of it!

  • boystan

    the legendary miss demetria lovato

  • Emmy

    Stop twisting the press in her favor. It was Idina Menzel’s version that was Oscar worthy. Her vocals make that song. As for Demi… she’s riding off the press for the mediocre pop version.

  • boystan

    no, ou’s right. she’s nominated and already set to win.

  • Cici

    so was she or was she not nominated??

  • cerenagee

    wow good for her! and people were talking shit saying she had a shitty year HA okay.

    • soft ghetto


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    The comments are confusing, is she or isn’t she?

  • tbh

    The writers were nom NOT her. If anything the scene where elsa sings “Let it go” is the most nom worthy scene of the whole movie and Idina voice is what made that scene epic Not demi. Demis version is too whiny and raspy tbh. I dont like her version at all.

    • Anna

      READ!!! She never said it was here who got nominated she said she was grateful to be apart of it and congrats to those who wrote the song! And in all actuality the version that prob got the nomination was Demi’s! She did the first releases version and it is a single nominated not something random from the soundtrack! And Idina is amazing but her voice doesn’t fit a Disney movie, let’s be honest. Both versions are good though, but u prefer Demi’s.

  • Demi Lovato

    I am not nominated for an Oscar!

    Do your research.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      lol ok we all know youre not demi lovato, stop speaking in the first person. this reach tho…

    • LiLi

      Go the fuck away already



    • rinni

      No you aint
      keep pushin for your first platnium album though

  • Emmatome

    Actually, she isn’t nominated. She sang Let It Go afterwards. Like, it’s not part of the movie. It’s like a cover, except it’s an official one. So Demi didn’t get a nomination. One of the song she sings got the nomination. But it’s not hers.

  • The Truth

    Lieeess… lol. She is in no way nominated. It is the writers that are nominated. All you have to do is is look at the nominations list, her name is nowhere to be found. The reason Adele got the oscar last year and taylor was nominated for a GG was because they wrote/co-wrote the songs. Hence if “Let it go” wins, she won’t be up on that stage accepting the award (she may get a thank you though).

  • Dara

    I hope Idina Menzel sings Let It Go at the Oscars. I like Demi, but if she sings it I’m going to be upset.


    Ugh that’s sort of vain of her to get on twitter and react like that, given that neither her nor her lovatics, as she claims, contributed in any way, shape, or form to the song being nominated. Yes she was a part of it, (yes that’s a part Demi, not apart) but that’s totally irrelevant to the nomination.

    Congratulations to the song writers and composers. It’s a great tune.

    • anonymous

      LOL i was going to say that technically she was ‘apart’ from the nomination


        LMAOOOOOO I fucking love your humor <3333

  • Julia

    Demi (though her version was nice) is not nominated it even says on the Academy Awards website the songs writers and disney are up for the award, Demi and Idina may be present when they accept the award but the writers are the one taking that gold man home.


    selena is pressed ahahaha

  • rinni

    No demi is nominated
    this is an award for the writers
    and possibly for the performance in the movie by IDINA
    so when time comes most likly it will be idina performing live at the oscar

    • Sara

      But wouldn’t it be EPIC if both of them performed it together?? I think it would! and it’d be amazing for Demi to perform at the Oscars..

  • lols

    I dont care if she’s just “a part” of the song, it’s already a HUGE thing to be a part of something that’s being nominated for an Oscar. Someone from the Frozen execs invited her to do her version, since it’s official. Just because she’s a small part of it, doesnt mean you guys should despise her. Being a part of a project that was nominated for an Oscar is AMAZING. Better than certain people that are nominated as “worst actress” of the year.

    • soft ghetto

      that’s like saying everyone who covers an adele song should be congratulated every time she wins a grammy

      • QueenM

        Well, then if adele gets a grammy so should the writers of her song too right ? I mean she doesn’t write or compose 100% of the song. But when it comes to awards she gets it all

        • soft ghetto

          That’s different. Adele’s production team is actually involved in the process so recognizing them makes sense. All Demi did was cover a song which doesn’t take anyone special to do. I did a Beyonce cover and uploaded it on youtube once. all I did was print out the lyrics and sang it just how I heard it, now
          should I go on twitter and tell my followers that I’m proud to be apart of the song when Beyonce wins her grammy? Nope bc that’s ridiculous.

          • QueenM

            That is where you are wrong. They asked her to do her version of the song, with less emotions and with a bit more catchy tune. In the soundtrack of the movie, there are 4 versions of the Let It Go song, 2 of them which is of Idina’s And Demi’s. The reason they chose Idina’s version is because she is doing the character’s voice. Idina And Demi both have equal rights to song but the credit is all to the writer and composer which is why they got the nominations and Not Idina or Demi :) Demi said she is ThankFul to be a small Part of the song. This site’s title is a bit screwed up!

          • soft ghetto

            I really doubt demi has equal rights to a cover but if that will end this conversation then I’m all for you believing it. k bye.

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    but she didn’t write the song.. she didn’t even sing it on the movie. the nomination is not for her -.-

  • anon

    okay normally i dont comment on posts cuz i dont care enough but THIS pisses me off. Demi DID NOT get nominated, nor was this even something she’s even really apart of. The SONG, written by the Frozen writers and sung in THE MOVIE by Idina Menzel are nominated. I love Demi, and she sounded good in the song, but just NO. I mean i guess Idina isn’t nominated either but technically she is because she sang the amazing version IN the movie. okay sorry for writing a huge rant lol i just get pissed when fans claim demi is nominated. The song is, she isn’t. k bye.

  • QueenM

    Demi And Idina Are NOT nominated. The song is Nominated, that is the writer and composer is nominated. Idina’s version is the character version and Demi’s is the official one. And she is thankful for BEING A PART of that song which got the nomination. She is NOT taking any credit here.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    will demi or idna sing at the oscars is the real question here …

  • Monse

    Let It Go is such a good song, I’m so proud of her! ;)

  • Letty Mendoza

    this is the nomination from the official Oscar website “Let it Go” Music and Lyric by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez….though i’m sure the song was recognized by Idina Menzel’s version, not Demi Lovato