Harry Styles To Be On Kardashian Show

harry-styles-la-louis-tomlinson-manchester (1)Harry Styles is in talks to appear on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ show, reports GRAZIA Magazine. Harry had told girlfriend Kendall Jenner he had no interest in taking part in her family reality show. However, after her persuasive mother and manager Kris Jenner intervened and pointed out that her other daughter Kim Kardashian’s famous fiance Kanye had been on the show, he is now reconsidering.

Kris has always seen her children’s relationships as business opportunities, so she wanted him on the show. She insisted Kendall talk to him about it and has made great inroads, explaining what a great opportunity it could be for him.

Kris pointed out how Kanye was reluctant to do it, which has certainly influenced Harry. He has a lot of respect for Kanye. Harry is now considering making a small appearance, perhaps just in one episode or even a trailer. After all, his band was created for ‘The X Factor’.

Harry has seen what having a relationship in the public eye can do but he adores Kendall and her family and he realises that with that comes the show. Kris is one of the best negotiators out there. She always gets what she wants.’

Alexa Chung posted a picture of Harry in a Mercedes in LA tonight! Harry is staying was at Alexa and Pixie Geldof’s hotel. Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson was spotted in Manchester :)

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  • heather


  • boystan

    yasss i hope it’s true

  • boystan

    that’d be so cute

  • anon

    because that’s a reliable source

  • Emmatome

    Please, no. No, no, no. I don’t want this to happen and I hope it isn’t true. But it’s up to him now..

  • shalalala_stacey

    I don’t even like Harry Styles or find him attractive, but I like group of guys because they’re better than that Bieber douche and seem like they’re nice, harmless dudes. Being said, nice, harmless dudes don’t need to date trash. I don’t see how anyone can like them together. And people thought Taylor Swift was bad. At least she didn’t pimp him out for fame. Don’t do it, Harry. You have plenty of beautiful fans who would be your girlfriend that aren’t after your ability to put their name in the tabloids because it helps their career. Have some standards, please.

    • anonymous

      they have no standards

  • thatdork

    Well, even if this report isn’t reliable, it probably will happen sooner or later.
    I called it the moment the first news about Harry and Kendall came up.

  • Bailey

    he is so gonna regret getting involved with this family…

  • Bailey

    Kris is really desperat to get Kendall and Kyile to become famous now. She is probably pushing Kendall into making a sex tape with him so that Kendall and Kyile can have a spin off on E because this is the Kardashians last season.

    • anonymous

      that’s disgusting but probably true

  • Demi Lovato

    Harry is such an attention seeker. He would do it.

    • Duckyhoward15

      Articles said he won’t do it though

  • cerenagee

    Tbh I think this is bs. Like everyone knows Kris is a business woman so now that hendall is a thing the rumor mill is spinning and everyone has shit to talk about Kris. If it was a PR stunt they’d be doing a lot more than what they are. And Kendall would have actually talked abut it when Chelsea brought it up……but she didn’t.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    big mistake if he actually does this.

  • Duckyhoward15

    You said last week that he won’t be on the show LOL

  • getlikemiley

    he’s too good for that. he needs to stay about his music and not get involved in that show. no no no no no no