Kristen Stewart Nicholas Hoult EQUALS

nicholas-houltIt’s official! Confirmed homewrecker Kristen Stewart has signed on to star opposite Nicholas Hoult in the upcoming futuristic love story Equals. Kristen told AP: ‘I can’t believe I agreed to do it. I’m terrified of it. Though it’s a movie with a really basic concept, it’s overtly ambitious. It’s a love story of epic, epic, epic proportion. I’m scared.’

Drake Doremus is directing: ‘I trust Drake’s process and I know we will do something really natural and real. But I told Drake, ‘Don’t expect that I am going to be able to do this. It’s too hard.’ But he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I’ve given directors disclaimers before, but never this much.’

Doremus: ‘It became evident in my head that Nick and Kristen would have great chemistry.’ Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly terrified of Nicholas working with Kristen worrying that they will hook up.

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  • Uh

    Doremus: ‘It became evident in my head that Nick and Kristen would have great chemistry.’ Lies. She doesn’t have chemistry with anyone. She has one emotion, and one expression to go with that emotion, whatever the hell it is.

  • laura

    Nicholas is such a cutie! It broke my heart when he left Skins.

    • Godney

      I love the first generation of skins <3!

      • laura

        Me too! I have every season at home :) Way better than the American version as well, that one was utter bullshit –‘

        • Godney

          ugh USA always ruining everything -.-
          Same with Ugly Betty, that was a latin show and it was just soo good and the USA version is bullshit

          • laura

            I swear, it was co censured –‘ and even then they found it offensive that there were two girls making out…
            OMG the original is so much better! We used to watch it during Spanish class :) The American version isn’t too bad though since the actors are really great but it definitely doesn’t compare.

          • Godney

            Yeah… i felt like “why call the serie the same name? its nothing like the original!”… I miss tony and sid… :( and cassie!!.. i love her so bad.


            NEVER FORGET!!

          • laura

            Cassie is my favourite! She is so adorable! It is such a great show..
            Omg I loved that moment! I mean Cat Stevens and Skins, nothing can beat that haha

          • Godney

            I was inlove with pretty much every character… specially Chris… i was so sad when he died :(

          • laura

            That show broke my heart over and over again… But I still love it :)

  • boystan

    isnt he dating jlaw

    • Julia


    • Godney

      No, he is dating me! *i wish.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “homewrecker Kristen Stewart” m-m so wrong.

  • Jo

    i dont see why “home wrecker” had to be added.

  • Godney

    Nicholas can get it!