Little Mix ‘We Aren’t Manufactured Band’

little-mix-manufactured (5)Little Mix told FAULT they are NOT a ‘manufactured girl band’. Leigh-Anne: ‘Everyone just keeps calling us a ‘manufactured girl band’ and that isn’t the case at all. We write our own music, we’re involved in absolutely everything. Everything comes from us, it’s as raw as it gets.’

Perrie: ‘Obviously our style is evolving, our music is evolving and everything is moving slowly together. We’re not wearing hot pants, gyrating on the floor. We’re just becoming a bit more classy, a bit more grown up.’

  • Cici


  • anon

    That has to be the biggest load of cheap I have ever heard. They are such a joke

  • Duckyhoward15

    Cos no one cares about you

  • z

    i can’t stop laughing… They are so funny…

  • WatchOut

    I really like their new album.

  • BoredAtHome

    I still don’t see how they manage to keep themselves relevant on oceanup. If it wasn’t for ocean up and a little bit of Zayn, I’d have absolutely no idea who these girls are…

  • oodon

    theyre so flawless

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I REALLY love their music.. not them so much. The only one I actually like is Perry, cuz she seems really nice/genuine tbqh… the others come off a bit stuckup/arrogant imho

    Jade seems cool too! but a bit snobbish

    • WatchOut

      I lake Jade and Leigh the best.
      I don’t mind Jesy but somehow I think Perrie is really fake. but that’s just my opinion

  • boystan

    slay me queens

  • boystan

    i love their style

  • Julia

    I like their music and they seem like alright girls, but ladies YOU ARE manufactured, you where PUT TOGETHER by company and your albums are manufactured by them. Someone buy them the oxford dictionary!