• in jesus name i pray amen

    So was no one going to acknowledge that beer bottle lol? I know the drinking age is 18 over there, but… lol. he doesnt even look 18 in this pic

    not that I truly give a fuck. bb harry… get back with your #1 twinkster

    • laura

      for all we know, the guy who’s holding it could be 18.. At least it’s just beer and not a bottle of wodka haha
      Edit: never mind, I saw the other pictures. They sure as hell aren’t all 18

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      i think the drinking age is 16 in the UK

  • Jen

    aw he looks like a little elf!! XD

  • Bailey

    in almost all the pictures that i see of him from when he was a kid there is always alcohol around him…

  • really

    oceanup joe jonas got engaged lmfao what let’s hole it’s not like miam

    4″ “@HuffPostCeleb: Confirmed: Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler ARE engaged!

  • boystan

    lmao cutie