Swift ‘Know When To Put Phone Down’

taylor-swift-kedsTaylor Swift TEEN VOGUE interview: Flawless candids @ LA gym HERE! ‘I don’t usually follow trends. I try to wear things that I can look back on in 30 years and be happy about! I never got to go to prom.

So when I was younger, I wore prom dresses on the red carpet or to awards shows.. It’s less important to study the way other people make it in this industry. If someone showed up at my record label and said and did the exact things I did, it probably wouldn’t work.. If you can get a fan base behind you, they’re far more likely to listen.’

On social media: ‘I’m the only person with my password. I’ll tweet maybe once every two weeks. I don’t want to seem like I always have my phone out looking for the next thing to upload.

One of the most important things about social media is knowing when to put the phone down and experience your life. If I were to tweet what I’m doing every minute, all you’d get would be pictures of me watching TV with my cat and you’d be depressed for me!’ Miley needs to hear this.

  • anonymous

    if she could stay away from all the drama in the world she likes to mess with then i would like her

    • Anon

      All the drama in the world? She literally says in the article that all she does is sit at home watching tv with her cat lol

      • anonymous

        but then she does victoria secret, performs for british monarchy, and hangs with selena, demi, and ‘lorde’. there’s drama around all those things

        • Anon

          Uh I’m pretty sure performing is her job?? And victoria’s secret chose for her to do that theme lol. And so she shouldn’t hang out with other famous people, 2 she has known for like 5 years, just because there is apparently “drama” surrounding it? Sure then.

          • anonymous

            you choose who you hang with and who you work for. and yeah they all have drama she doesn’t need to be near

  • Anon

    Her little bun is so cute. And I remember the prom dresses lol those were the days.

  • cerenagee

    I’ve noticed the dress thing she does and always wondered about it. She is literally my fave. I idolize her

  • :)

    That’s because she has a fucking boring ass life.

    • Anon

      If being a 7-time grammy award winner is considered a “boring ass life” then I would gladly take that boring ass life.

      • :)

        Awards has nothing to do with what I said. Did you not read the article? She said all she does is stay home and watch tv with her cat and you’d be depressed for me.

        • idiotsiswear

          Winning awards, getting to perform with great musicians and for other people with millions of people adoring you and getting to wear the best things and hanging out with friends (go take a look at her birthday, 4th of july party, etc.) seems like it isn’t as boring as you think it is.

          • :)

            Read the last paragraph on what she said. This is what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about damn award shows (how often are they) or who she performs with or birthday parties.

          • wishesinthedark

            So? she doesn’t have to have fun ALL the time, personally I love to have some quite time and watch tv on my own. Just bc she likes some peace and quite at home doesn’t mean it’s boring lol.

          • :)

            Trust me, I like my alone time too. But I would like to see pictures of her kitty, who I think is adorable.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Where do I sign up for this “boring ass life” then.

    • Julia

      But wouldn’t you want to just sit around all day when you got the chance? considering she probably works 360 days out of the year, travelling, getting jet lag, performing, writing. It’s obviously her decision but this “boring ass life” is far from it. Id kill to have her life and get to sit around with my cat.

  • ety

    her sweater is so cute

  • uu

    I find her annoying, immature and clearly every failed relationship she’s been in was her fault but she doesn’t realize that.Not to mention how she milks her relationships and hints at whom the song is about in her albums to sell records

    that’s being said, I think she remains the prettiest, most glamorous on red caret, most successful queen of music industry with everything she has accomplished before she’s even 25.Not to mention how deeply she cares about her fans and how down to earth she is

    I guess no one is perfect.But she’s probably the best young artist overall when it comes to all the shit her peers pull these days

    • tbh

      Actually, considering Joe was trying to make a move on Camilla while he was with Taylor, John admitted he likes to fuck girls then make them fall in love with him but then tell them he isn’t interested and Jake being unsupportive of her music is kinda not her fault. She admitted it was her fault with Taylor & she hasn’t written about Conor or Harry yet. She sold records long before the whole ‘if you date me I’ll write a song about you’ so no, the reason she got so famous is bc teen girls related to her. I remember back when I wasn’t a fan every girl in middle/high school would say ‘taylor swift stole my diary’ I think it’s more of her lyrical talent that make her ‘sell records’. She gets hate for writing songs about exes, not better sales lol so what you said doesn’t really make sense.

      • ivy winters not from rpdr

        siiiggghhh the joe story . Joe broke up with her before he got with camilla that’s why he did it on the phone so he can break up with her quick (lol not a good idea here but we all make mistakes) then she goes on ellen spreading her laundry and telling the whole world who he song is about. It all started there -__- but like I said he did a mistake too and we all make mistakes

        • ivy winters

          *she did a mistake too and we all make mistakes
          is what I’m trying to say

        • Julia

          Lol thing is i bet Joe was with Camilla while he was with Taylor, you get me? lol

        • honestly

          She was being honest, she was 18 and I don’t see nothing wrong with that. She was a teenage girl, also Ellen asked her which song is about him and no one used to obsess over her dating life, as her career went further she stopped saying which song is about who. She just uses the ‘secret messages’ in albums for her fans. but yeah what you said, we all make mistakes. but she doesn’t “milk her relationships and hints at whom the song is about in her albums to sell records” bc that was one time..

  • anon

    There’s nothing wrong with tweeting a lot or posting pictures daily. What if you die tomorrow? At least people have your instagram pics to see when you’re no longer physically there. AND your tweets.

  • boystan


  • Sara

    I’ll never understand how one person can be so beautiful, successful, well-spoken, talented and down to earth all the same time. She’s literally perfect.

  • Marijo Carrillo

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