ew.. PR stunt again. Haylor went to a concert, also. Next is Kendall leaving on a boat by herself.

    • butter

      hes such a d-bag for doing that, leaving his girlfriends on a boat alone..

      • LOL PR

        its not real…its a fake relationship for publicity…

  • Anon

    I especially like how Harry is allowed to move on and get another girlfriend, but Taylor can’t go out with someone without being called a whore by everyone. It really sucks tbh.

    • Shailene Woodley

      Taylor isn’t allowed to do anything. Pretty sure Harry has dated around more than her yet she still comes across as the bad one. It’s annoying.

      • soft ghetto

        taylor screwed herself by highly publicizing her relationships and breakups.

        • Shailene Woodley

          Tbh everybody else does that for her. She never comes out and says directly who a song is about everyone speculates. I mean yeah, joe was probably the one that she made blow up everywhere but all her other relationships she’s tried to keep on the down low. Everybody writes songs about their relationships and breakups but she’s the one people target more.

      • thatdork

        Harry even hooked up with a married woman :/

      • Anon

        Soo true. If Taylor were seen with a guy’s arm around her like this, all hell would break loose. But when Harry does it, he’s just a helpless angel who is apparently being forced into it. Double standards suck.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      she use to date alot and put attention on it from 2007-2013 so i think she is most likely trying to take it slow and possibly marry her next boyfriend or at least try for a serious relationship, she is in her mid twenties after all

  • Allison

    Again, of all of the MILLIONS of girls vying to date him that do NOT want his ability to put their name in the tabloids to further their career, he dates one of two girls who’s family is notorious for famewhoring and not doing anything worthy but using people and situations to help THEM in front of the cameras. At least Taylor had her OWN fame. I like you as a person, Harry… but have some fucking standards because you can do SO MUCH BETTER.

    • what

      what do you mean ‘at least taylor’ at least? Taylor is 1294325 times better than that dirty boybander lmao

  • boystan

    omg they’re so cute

  • boystan

    it’s real

  • thatdork

    This seems like such unnecessary PR. I mean, he’s a member of freaking One Direction. He doesn’t need the Kardashians to get him more famous! Unless this really isn’t PR and he actually likes Kendall, which I can’t help but doubt…

    • LOL PR

      Its PR for Kendall.. KUWTK is coming out soon and Kendall and Kylie’s new clothing line at Pac Sun is coming out next month.

  • Emmatome

    This is cute. But I’m having a hard time believing that they actually like each other. Kendall is pretty, but she became famous because of a TV show, if you see where I’m going..

  • getlikemiley

    this confuses the shit out of me

  • 90235lola