Kevin Jonas ‘Danielle Sexier Than Ever’

danille-sexier-than-ever (2)Kevin Jonas revealed to Life & Style that he finds heavily pregnant very sexy': ”I absolutely find her sexier than ever. I tell her all the time. She wears pregnancy well, she’s stunning. We’re more in love now than on our wedding day. I look at her with even more respect and love. I didn’t know that was possible.

Dani told Us Weekly: ‘The middle name has a lot of meaning, but her first name is.. different enough but not totally out there. It’s cute.’ Kevin told OK! ‘I have been around boys a lot in my life, so it’ll be nice to have a girl. She’ll be actually the first Jonas girl, by blood, in a long time. We’re really looking forward to it.’

Danielle: ‘I didn’t even think of that. I didn’t know that. Wow.’ Kevin, are you nervous? ‘No. I’m more excited than anything, and ready. I’m ready for it to happen, ready for it to be here. We’re crossing fingers that it’s all good.’

Danielle: Ask him after [the baby’s born]. I think he’s going to be shocked. ‘Oh my gosh, it’s a girl, what do I do?’ I mean, it’s a girl. & I always think of being in the kitchen with her and cooking, and having her stir something, or putting a little apron on her. There’s more in common. She becomes your little best friend, other than my big best friend [Kevin]. [laughs]’

Will new dad Kevin be changing diapers? ‘Of course. I think it’s a team effort. There will be late nights for me, and late nights for her, and early mornings for me, notice I didn’t say early mornings for her.

She has a harder time in the morning, and I can withstand early, early mornings. It’s all good.’ On the baby’s name: ‘It’s unique. In a traditional kind of way.’

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  • boystan


  • boystan

    but who is he

  • Demi Lovato

    A real pregnant women wouldn’t sit on the floor, slouching, legs crossed like in that photo.

    Doctors will tell you not to have posture like that, as it restricts blood flow to the uterus.

    Good thing it’s a fake baby.

    • Cici

      Na, there’s nothing wrong with sitting like that while pregnant, other than having a hard time getting back up at 35+ weeks.

    • soft ghetto

      your obviously uneducated in pregnancy/fetal development so nice job at making yourself look stupid and telling everybody a fake medical fact about slouching being dangerous like please stop.

    • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

      what the fuck omg why can’t any “famous” person have a baby without the whole “the pregnancy is fake” shit? lots of women are pregnant in the world, why can’t you accept the celebs are PEOPLE too? they have sex, they have babies, it’s not all about the fucking fame, THEY HAVE A LIFE!!! And it’s the first kid of Dani, of course she can make mistakes as everybody else, is the pregnancy fake just because she sat on the floor that way? something’s really wrong with you people…

    • Hailey DeVry

      I think she is a great person.

    • Fghbj

      Shut up you dont know nothing stupid

  • Rosemary

    Lol, “she wears pregnancy well.” Odd choice of words there, Kevy.

  • Shut up

    I dont understand how people think the pregnancy is fake when kevin posted an instagram video of the baby’s heart beat and it was clearly danielle laying there at the drs..

  • Cici

    They are so precious. I can not wait to see her & see what they name her!

  • soft ghetto

    when the baby’s born haters are going to be like “it’s a robot! the baby ain’t real!”

  • Emmy

    It is becoming clearer and clearer that this pregnancy is a sham. Her body has not changed one bit from what I’ve seen. And it seems as if both of them are going to extremes to make sure their lies don’t get exposed.

    • delle

      Why is it impossible for a woman of fertile age, married, to biologically conceive a child?

      Not every woman gains lots of weight. My professor is pregnant, about 6 months along, and you wouldn’t even know she was pregnant if it wasn’t for the tummy. She even had to clarify to the class, so people wouldn’t keep questioning whether she was pregnant or had a pot belly.

      • Emmy

        Trust me, I’m aware women’s bodies react differently, but there’s something so suspicious about the act they’re putting on. I can’t put my finger on it. She seems to love all the fame that it brings her, but funny how no one has seen the belly itself. I’ve come to dislike the Jonas family, and I like to call people on their bullshit. This reeks of it.

        • delle

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing with you or anything lol.

          I just feel like with the Jonas Brothers, anyone they’ll ever date will have the whole “their girlfriend/wife likes the fame”. Fame will surround them, fame will always pick up their personal lives and juggle it around.

          I don’t really even see Dani that much. She was completely hidden and stayed hidden THROUGHOUT them dating. I feel like now that they’re married, it’s about time for the girl to actually be acknowledged as Kevin’s wife.

          I do agree though, that their immediate family does seem very fame-centered. But again, it could just be portrayed very differently (trying to portray one thing through MTJ vs what is in reality). What sells is what’s important in most cases, unfortunately.

        • delle

          I also don’t understand why it’s so important to show the belly… Frankly, if I was pregnant, the last thing I’d want to give the world, is a picture of my belly.

          To me, it’s just weird. Especially when stars do shoots completely nude, while pregnant. To me it’s just weird.

          I mean the fact that Kevin shared the heart rate video is something that is evidence though. It’s there. Don’t say that you find it suspicious that he felt that he needed to post that video. There are several reasons why he could have done it lol.

    • Cici

      First pregnancy is usually the easiest. Plus she has been keeping herself in shape & staying very healthy. A big myth in pregnancy is that you must eat for two. She’s obviously doing it the right way. She will feel awesome post partum.

  • burnin’ up for nick

    A questin fir all the dumb haters: why would she want to fake the pregnancy any ways? And when she gives birth you’re all gonna be like “thats a robot”

  • Guest

    I don’t know why, I think the name’s gonna be a bit weird. Hope it’s cute, tho.

  • Emmatome

    And I don’t get why people think it’s a fake pregnancy. Like, why would they do that? What’s the point, really?