• liam sit down

    ehhhh he’s new to the game

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Liam been around for 4 years, had three hit albums ,one of which being the best selling album of 2013 and is at the top of his game,he is anything but new.

      • zoe

        those aren’t new to the game would respond to shit articles, they couldnt give a fuck. #justsayin plus, liam didnt hit three albums and had a best selling album, it’s ONE DIRECTION. They come and go as one.

  • lolumadhuh

    Ugh I love him. I love a celebrity, especially a young one, who isn’t afraid to speak on how they feel.

  • Mila

    Liam is disgusting trash.

    His management will MURDER him when they wake up and see what he’s been up to.

    • Duckyhoward15

      For liking a show ?

  • Zoe

    He didn’t fucking defend the guy from duck dynasty omg get your shit straight ocean up. He said he liked the show and not what they believed in, and yes Liam did take this a little out of control but so did everyone else. We all need to chill the fuck out.

    • Dereck Hartley

      You are changing his words. This is the actual tweet by Liam: @williebosshog huge love to you/your family huge respect for your business prosperities and the family values you still all behold. big fan

      • Zoe

        But he later stated “being a fan of someone’s show and the way they still hold a family together doesn’t mean I’m okay with what they say” everyone is misunderstanding shit. Like idk how many times people have thought I was a homophobic or didn’t believe in gay rights just because I said I was Christian like no we need to stop assuming.

  • Duckyhoward15

    I hope he will think before he tweets next time , I wish he tweeted another brother or something and his PR. and reps need to work hard and get control over his twitter as soon as possible

  • A

    I think one direction members forgets the power and effect they have on their fans .. Where calling someone out is pretty much sending someone hate hours and hours
    I have lost respect for they’re fanbase a very long time ago ” telling people to kill themselves because they don’t agree with your idol it a very low thing to do.. And I just hope when some of them gets older. They understand what they did..
    Those members can voice their opinion but the moment someone else does god forbid.. You get sent death tweets and more.. You’ve been in this business for almost 3 years now you should of learned by now just to it shut log off twitter and put you’re mind somewhere else.. Because will just go away after a few days

    Good luck to 1D’s PR team for trying to clean this up..

    • A

      Sorry for all the spelling mistakes and others :s

    • Duckyhoward15

      Tyler got involved for nothing liam tweeted about how he was misunderstood and he didn’t mean to insult gays or supports the guy but tyler wanted to stand up and make a scene when he is the one who makes fun of colored people and

      women .

      • A

        I understand what you’re saying but at the end of the day Liam is the one that will look like the bad guy because “his” fans are the ones telling someone to kill themselves.. “He”the one that much kicked someone out of a fandom. The other guy apologized for misreading or something.
        Like I said before Liam has been in the media for almost 3 years and he should know whether you are defending yourself or correction something .. Things/words will be twisted around and make him look like the bad guy … In my opinion he need to stop b*tching about very negative thing that being thrown his way.. He need to just let it go… I understand he is standing up for himself but by doing that he is also kind of cause more problems for himself … This isn’t the first his b*tching about something.

        • Duckyhoward15

          But actually directioners didn’t even tweet him death threats he just tweeted that to be shown as the victim we just tweeted funny tweets making fun of him for making us feel bad all the time for being the better fan , Liam can’t control his anger he goes on twitter rants then apologies every single time I personally get annoyed but I know people like him so I kind of understand that when he rants he doesn’t mean most of what he says :(

      • Queen Amanda Bynes


        • A

          No lol I didn’t say anything about coloured….. Did I ? If I did ops sorry

        • Duckyhoward15

          Black , tanned , very white people he uses any excuse to make fun of people . etc

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            oh okay :)

          • Duckyhoward15


    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I went on Tyler’s twitter so I can see his replies and I didn’t see any death threats.

      • Duckyhoward15

        he loves to make a scenes and appear as the victim

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          He does and he says racist shit all the time, I don’t see anyone here pointing that.

          • Duckyhoward15

            Exactly he is an asshole who likes to act cute and thinks cos he is gay people will forgive him even his friend kingsley rted shade towards him

          • zarrry

            this has nothing to do with this,but i bet harry and zayn fucked so hard after your pic was taken. it makes me think of when zayn ate candy off of harry’s candy thong ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQqBdWZVBLw

          • Duckyhoward15

            Haha I agree , he was so excited about that candy thong

      • B

        Idk I saw these .. Don’t know if they are real or not … “Sorry”

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          I don’t understand the quotation marks around sorry so I’m just going to say ok to that. And I was saying what I saw for myself not anyone else just to make that clear of my former comment. :)

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        tyler the creator?

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Tyler Oakley.

          • laura

            wait, what happened with Tyler and Liam?
            I’m always missing out :o

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Technically it’s more between 1D fans and less of Liam.

            Tyler thought Liam was agreeing with bigotry and homophobia so he pointed it out and tweeted:

            “Wow. Very confused and disappointed by this @Real_Liam_Payne tweet. This literally changes everything…”

            “If you defend someone actively supporting bigotry, homophobia, and ignorance, we’re not on the same wavelength to even have a discussion.”

            Liam responds: “that changes everything you obviously wernt a fan i said nothing I liked a show that was on my tv nothing about you or whatever”

            So even though Liam made it clear hours before this all happened: “Being a fan of someones show and the way they still hold a family together doesn’t mean i am ok with all they say.”

            Oakley STILL misinterpreted Liam’s previous tweet. Now they’re saying Tyler was kicked out the fandom by Liam and 4/5 of 1D un-followed Oakley. It’s all dramatics at this point.

          • laura

            Ugh what a bunch of drama queens..
            Liam was stupid to defend someone who is homophobic, Tyler had to read all the tweets before commenting (he’s only sticking up for gay rights imo) and those stupid ass directioners who were sending death threats should be locked up by their parents for a while…
            Liam’s tweet was really immature though :o

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            If Tyler wasn’t transphobic and racist I might understand where he was coming from but since he is I can’t.

          • laura

            He’s racist? Never noticed that tbh but I’m always missing out on stuff..

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Oh yeah, he talks about all kinds of people.

            He believes in reverse racism.

            His” Why Diversity Sucks” video made me want to personally kick him in the balls.

            He uses transphobic slur but doesn’t think it’s ok to use homophobic slur.

            He makes fun of black women.

            He says he’s uncomfortable when there aren’t enough white people around.

            He’s made awful comments about physical features of POC.

            And there’s even more if you can believe it. (etc etc etc)

          • laura

            Oh wow I didn’t even know that :o I’ll check that video out then, so weird that I haven’t even watched it yet…
            I actually liked the guy but now I just don’t know what to think of him. So odd that he’s transphobic when he is homophobic. They should stick up for each other, you know?

          • Dereck Hartley

            What a Prick! It appears he has removed the video from Youtube.

          • Marina And My Diamonds
          • Hey Mr Fantasy

            You don’t think “reverse racism” exists? You honestly don’t believe whites can be victims of racism? Go look at South Africa and the knockout game here and tell me that whites can’t be victims of racism. As for being uncomfortable when there aren’t enough whites around, he’s a smart kid. When about 5% (black males between the ages of 11-50) of the population commits 60% of the crime, you would be a fool NOT to be wary around them. But if you want to believe the propaganda, go right ahead. It’s your funeral.

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            reverse racism doesn’t exist. when a black person is racist against a white person it is called racism.

            and i get uncomfortable when ANYONE looks off black or white, your facts are wrong btw , 98 percent of the serial killers are white, does this mean all white people are killers, of course not.

            And also on the news the rapist and murders we see are mostly white.but again this doesnt mean anything.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Your bullshit didn’t register into my disqus ‘inbox’. I only saw it because Queen’s comment was in the “recent comment” section and I clicked on it to see what she said. I have nothing to write since miss Queen Amanda Bynes has written my thoughts.

            Seriously take your illusory superiority attitude and fuck off.

      • K

        Reading Tyler’s replies right now (18 hours later) and he IS STILL getting death threats.
        Those kids/”fans” need to grow up immediately.

        • LOL

          Tyler had it coming since he tweeted this on 1D day. Karma is a bitch. And yes, i don’t agree with the death threats.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He didn’t do anything wrong, clearly he’s upset and is voicing it on HIS Twitter. Why the hell not?

    • autumnshine

      THANK YOU.

  • l_sers

    Everyone should just leave it alone. He said he liked a show and their family values. It’s not like he said he was homophobic!! He was just appreciating their show and how their family stuck together in a tough time. It’s America guys. Freedom of speech includes letting people express their opinions. Maybe you all should step away from the computer and get some real friends.

  • Guest

    This is why celebs shouldn’t search up there own name.
    They already know bullshit is written about them 24/7.

  • anonymous

    another person who didn’t know what they were doing and then complains. sorry you got the millions now you can’t get your dignity back :(

  • Emmatome

    Leave the poor kid alone. Like, it must be pretty exhausting to have your every words on the internet, to have everyone interpreting what you say. That’s what happens when you’re famous, I know. So does Liam. Still. This is getting stupid.

  • laura

    he’s a bit of drama queen..
    he’s living the dream you know, and those rumours are just a little price he has to pay. If he doesn’t want all of this shit to happen, he should delete his twitter, quit 1D and live somewhere in England where everybody would leave him alone. If he wants to remain famous, then he better picks up his own balls from the floor..
    I get that it isn’t easy though but seriously, he is living his dream and he could easily ignore those rumours.

    • anonymous

      yeah he says ‘pick balls off floor’ and ‘grow up’ but they are things he should do

      • laura

        I really do get it isn’t always easy but omfg there are kids out there who get bullied every fucking day, kids who have the shittiest lives ever and never do they complain, most of them just hope everything will be better. Yet, he’s living the life and is complaining about how people make up rumours.. I just can’t understand things like that.

        • kelseyl

          Yeah but we’re not in his shoe’s. Obviously there are worse things happening in the world, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful or frustrating for a person. He was talking more about how he gets judged for everything, people always twist his words. I guess i’m just looking at it from every perspective.

          • laura

            Oh I agree with you, I said so myself that it mustn’t be easy.
            But, it is very easy to just log off on twitter, to not google yourself or read tabloids. And honestly, it’s a very small price to pay. They earn shit loads of money and get to visit the most amazing places, it’s just very selfish to still complain about something as little as that. This is the life he wanted to live and sadly, there’s a down side to everything.
            Also, people wouldn’t be twisting his words if he educated himself first before sticking up for someone who is homophobic, no matter how much he loves that show. It’s a touchy subject and whether you’re famous or not, you got to choose your words carefully. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to voice your opinion though but idk in an era where everything is online and forever, you got to look out.

    • Kailee

      THANK YOU!!! I have been saying this for soooo long now! Omg

  • boystan

    i mean that tweet came out wrong and ik i’ll get dragged for saying this but he should apologize instead of complaining about being rich and famous

  • boystan

    i still love him but i don’t think he knows how wrong that came out and that most gay fans were offended including me

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I am more concerned with the fact that liam says ‘if’ instead of ‘of’ in his tweets.

    • Cici

      texting typos. It happens

  • Cici

    I can see why he is pissed. It must be annoying & exhausting not being able to say something without having to explain yourself to everyone. People care way too much.

  • autumnshine

    Oops I didn’t realize that in order to have America’s freedom of speech right you have to bash anyone who doesn’t support gays. There is no law in this world that says a person must support gays. It doesn’t mean you hate them. He didn’t even say he doesn’t support gays but my gosh. This is pathetic. These gay activists are fighting for EQUALITY. Equality means each side is equal, not one side kicks the other side out and doesn’t allow anyone to believe that way bc the new way is the only way that’s appropriate to believe. This is so stupid.

  • Anon

    “You can’t Google yourself or your self esteem will just go [down]”–Taylor Swift. this seemed like a relevant quote for this situation lol.

  • Shailene Woodley

    I get that he’s annoyed but he’s been in the industry long enough to know that when something like this happens you should just leave it alone and don’t comment on it. He’s adding more smoke to the flame with this and if he had of just left it alone after saying it was a misunderstanding it would have blown over.

  • YouCouldShutTheHeckUp

    This Duck Dynasty stuff is getting old. Some people cannot accept the fact that their our homosexuals in the world. Some people can. Jeez, if it was up to me, then all men and women will be attracted to each other. But sadly, that’s not how the world works. Do I care if two men want to adopt children and get married? Should I care? But at the same time, we Americans have freedom of speech. If everyone can just stop pulling the homophobic or the racist card and actually respect the words the come out of people’s mouths, then the world will be a better place. Liam knows the difference from right and wrong, and he was just defending his friend. It’s getting old, guys. Get out of rock and speak the truth.

  • zoe

    WHEN WILL HE LEARN TO USE PUNCTUATIONS? god damn, those were hard to read.

  • Zaina777

    Honestly, this is ridiculous. The second anybody says anything they are all gay haters.

    Maybe Liam wants a wife and kids too. Just because he supports Phil doesn’t mean he is homophobic at all.
    All he said was that he supported his views of life. Did he say that he hated gays? No.

    Same with Phil, the second he said anything about being gay and it being a sin which it is in the bible if you follow it everyone caused a frucus.
    GQ should have never even asked him about his views on it. Clearly he is a straight man with a wife and kids and happy about that. His has a certain lifestyle as well so I am not suprised that he said that. Then they tried to make him racist…or Perez Hilton did by repeating what he said about blacks in the interview.
    I have gay friends and they would just laugh at it. Everyone is getting so butthurt over this issue.
    I am straight but I have friends who are gay and we treat each other as equals if we can do it why can’t anybody else.
    Honestly, being gay isn’t the norm if you follow the bible being straight is. That being said if GLAAD want’s equality they should treat straight people like equals too..

    I feel like there is a double standard. I remember on Glee when Finn proposed to Rachel at a young age nobody was on his side. The second that Blaine proposed to Kurt at pretty much the exact same age there was a freaking party and everyone was on his side. Like really Ryan Murphy?

    Everyone should be treated as equals and nobody should get all angry when someone says one thing. I feel bad for Liam he didn’t even say anything wrong. Now I have a feeling that Perez Hilton is going to try and smear his name the exact same way he tried to make Phil racist and homophobic.

    People need to realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion like it’s a free country the fact that people are getting mad at a twenty year old man for making a remark that wasn’t even directed at gays is atroicious.

  • Benz

    The comment wasn’t even made on the show. Liam was referring to the show. I don’t even get what the big deal is. Even the duck dynasty guys were fine. He didn’t insult gays. He just stated his opinion. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that

  • liz

    stop complaining you spoiled brat. you are living the dream. learn to appreciate what you have and stop focusing on all the random, fabricated stories.

  • PerrieEdwards

    He shouldn’t have to apologize for every single thing he do.This whole thing has gotten totally out of hand

  • DigitalXtreme

    I love how it is ok to support religious based bigotry, but taboo to bash ignorance based religion. They call it a reality show, but it is far from reality. Look at the picture of them prior to the show first being tapped wearing preppie clothes on a golf course. Bigotry is Bigotry. I’m sure you would not like a Celebrity publicly supporting a show’s star that calls out your belief in a fiction based book of instructions and morals whose sole purpose is to control the weak minded. Pure hypocrisy, There are plenty of religious people that are equally appalled by the Duck Dynasty star’s comments. The same liberties should be applied unilaterally, or not at all. When your a public figure, everything you do is open to scrutiny. Just part of being famous. Don’t like being under the microscope, get out of the business. He sure doesn’t mind it when it makes him money, or people kissing his ass.

  • lolumadhuh


    • digitalxtreme

      The very wording of his tweet revealed his knowledge of the controversy surrounding the show especially when he used their catch phrase “Family Values”. How could you possibly with any certainty what he knew prior to the tweet? How could you possibly profess he did not know “those types of things” ? As much world wide media coverage of the scandal, you would have to live under a rock to be unknowledgeable of the Duck Dynasty Member’s comments. Also, real mature with the STFU. Just saying…

  • getlikemiley

    holy shit could you imagine not being able to say what you wanted without millions of people talking shit and having management that tells you what you can and can not say? I’d go fucking crazy. Props to him for setting everyone straight. you go liam!

  • J

    He’s fucking annoying

  • Emmy

    …When will he learn? Liam is a talented singer (I know because I’ve seen him live), but he doesn’t know when to close his mouth. The internet, especially Twitter, has a tendency to blow things out of proportion. I honestly think his handlers should make him shut down his Twitter account because he puts in foot in his mouth too many times. And clearly, he has a hard time handling the criticism when it backfires. I’m well aware of the Duck Dynasty controversy, but I choose to ignore people who say idiotic things. It’s not worth my time. I don’t even watch the show and I think reality television is garbage. Liam has real talent that could make it in the long haul, but he needs to see the reality of his situation. It’s tiresome and sad to hear about so many of his ridiculous Twitter rants. This is why I will never join Twitter.

  • K

    Liam is already the Cyber Bullying king of 2014.

  • lol

    All youtubers or viners or whatever are just shit. they are all just plain stupid. and liam should realize how lucky he is to have the life he is living and stop complaining about small things all the time.

  • Hey Mr Fantasy

    Not everyone has to love the gays. I know I sure don’t. I’m not going to interfere in their lives or business, I just don’t want to be around them. Live and let live. I’m sure they have their opinions on me and my “disgusting breeder” lifestyle, and that’s cool. They can express it however they see fit, I am not offended and I couldn’t care less. Why? Because their opinions mean NOTHING to me. If they think they are living a good life, then why do they care what anyone thinks?

    This guy has a right to an opinion and to like whatever he wants. You don’t have to like it or agree with it, but you have to accept it. Funny how “acceptance” is only for the most vile, disgusting perversions, but you don’t have to “accept” anyone who is just a normal, non-pervert because they are just evil homophobes. How does that make any sense? So hypocritical!