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China Anne McClain is on January’s issue of DISfunkshion Magazine. In the article China Anne talks about bringing her own style to the Disney name and not feeling the pressure to be a role model. China Anne and her sisters-

Sierra and Lauryn- also known as McCLAIN, are currently busy in the studio working on their debut album. The group recently released the lyric video for their new single ‘He Loves Me,’ and have another single in the works. Do YOU like their single?


  • Cici

    is she even anything right now?

  • Emmatome

    She’s pretty. But actually, I had completely forgotten about her.

  • noot

    she has talent though

  • Zaina777

    I love when people turn or are turning sixteen they all of a sudden start to look so much older. I like her though. She is really pretty.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She’s so beautiful and talented. After she’s done with Disney I really hope she takes on acting more so than singing. She can sing and play instruments but something about acting just gets your foot in the door for so many other opportunities.

  • boystan

    aint that zendaya or whatever

  • boystan

    who are these new disney kids oh my god