Cole Plante ‘Here We Go Now’

Hollywood Records 17-year-old new artist, DJ Cole Plante just released a new song titled, ‘Here We Go Now’ ft Perry Farrell, you can BUY his song HERE!

Perry Farrell is from Jane’s Addiction. Cole’s previous DJ gigs have included some of the top clubs in the world, as well as 2012 Identity Festival Tour, Red Bull’s Summer X Games 2012, and the American Music Awards 40th anniversary VIP party.

Cole has performed alongside Avicii, Nero, Porter Robinson, Eric Prydz, Paul Oakenfold, Bingo Players, Carnage, and Danny Avila, to name just a few. Do YOU think ex-Hollywood Record artist DJ Joe Jonas can compete with their new young artist DJ Cole Plante?!


  • lameoceanup

    the fuck ? joe’s not even an official dj and when he was with hollywood records he didn’t dj even once

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    This is actually pretty good shit imho… wow hwr, you might actually have talent on your hands! Who knows if theyre going to be able to get shit rolling and actually promote an artist of theirs.

  • boystan