Fake Miley Booking Agent Scam Smilers

Exclusive... Miley Cyrus Chats With Friends At The StudioSMILERS HAVE BEEN SCAMMED! Promoters of Miami South Beach Outdoor Festival on New Year’s Day have filed a lawsuit claiming one of Miley Cyrus’ people took a huge amount of money but never delivered her, reports TMZ.

A Florida concert promotion company says it sent $125K to a woman claiming to be Miley’s booking agent, a deposit to secure Miley for the shindig. The money was wired to a bank account while the deal was being finalized.

The lawsuit claims the booking agent cleaned out the bank account and on New Year’s Day, Miley was not there. The woman, who says she does NOT work for Miley but was acting as an intermediary, claims she forwarded the money to Miley’s real agents. Miley’s people said the woman has no connection to her actual booking agent. Was it Cheyne?!

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    probably cheyne & anna oliver tbh…

    • boystan

      whos anna oliver

      • Godney

        Some irrelevant that leaked the miley bong video

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Could be anyone wanting to make a quick buck. Real piece of shit person to do that.

  • cerenagee

    Wow so fucked up

  • Clauber

    Cheyne is not a real friend, if he did it then poor Miley because she is surrounded of shit

    • delle

      It was a scam. It is far more likely that the person who did this was someone who was not even associated with Cyrus’.

      Often, scammers try to con someone by using methods that have no connection with their “REAL” personal lives. Watch the show White Collar.

      • Clauber

        I know what a scam is, the point is who is the scammer, it can be random people but Cheyne is still a suspect for oceanup

        • :)

          How is Cheyne a suspect Mrs. Columbo?

          • Clauber

            I dont know my dear Watson, i dont know

  • Anon

    That picture of her makes me so uncomfortable…

  • :)

    New Year’s Day? She was suppose to host a New Year’s Eve party with Pharrell at Fontainebleau Resort. But instead was asked to perform at Times Square for New Year’s Eve (per Ryan Seacrest)

    But she was the host for a party at LIV club the day after Jingle Ball ended.

  • boystan


  • Sara

    This is really sketchy, omfg.

  • Godney

    ” Was it Cheyne?! ” LMAO