Janoskians ‘Dirty Pig’ Clothing Launch

janoskians dirty pic
The Janoskians have launched their own fashion label called, ‘Dirty Pig.’

The designs themselves have been created by the boys, with member Jai Brooks doing the actual logo artwork. They have partnered with clothing industry leader The Putnam group (Obey, Neff, Young & Reckless, Hurley, Billionaire Boys Club,etc)

Since its launch in December 2013, ‘Dirty Pig’ has successfully released a set of T-shirts, Beanies and Snap Backs with plans for many more items in the near future. Janoskians added, “We started Dirty Pig because we have always dreamed of making cool clothing that we would want to wear ourselves.

A fashion line is just another thing they said we couldn’t do but we believe you can do anything you want in life. Dirty Pig will be more than T-shirts and beanies and we are going to work hard to design all sorts of cool apparel: jeans, cardigans, socks.. you name it.” Checkout their apparel line & shop HERE!

  • Anon

    What do the Janoskians even do? The only time I hear about them is when people talk about the Ariana grande breakup with that dude…

  • Cici

    Yeah, who are they?

    • laura

      They’re Australian and have a youtube channel where they do pranks and stuff.
      I only know them because my sister made a powerpoint presentation about them once and I had spell check it.

      • Cici

        So they are probably bigger in Australia vs anywhere else?

        • laura

          I suppose so. They do have a lot of subscribers though but that’s all I really know.

  • boystan

    they’re hot but also assholes

  • boystan

    i swear two of those guys in the pic are the same person wtf

    • Cydney Logan

      twins… it’s called twins.