Liam Payne ‘I Was Cool W/ Older GF’

liam-payne-older-girlfriendliam-journalistsliam-oakleybabssLiam Payne got into a Twitter fight with journalist Tyler Oakley over supporting gay basher from Duck Dynasty. Liam revealed that he was proud of dating an older girl: ‘I was also really proud of the fact that I went out with a girl who was in year six when I was in year four. She was one of my sister’s friends, and I thought I was really cool having an older girlfriend.

I had a girlfriend called Chanelle in reception, who used to send me love letters. I really liked one girl called Emily and asked her out twenty-two times, but she always said no. Finally I sang to her and then she said she’d go out with me, but she dumped me the next day.

My friends used to wind me up and pretend that girls liked me when they didn’t, so I’d ask them out and they’d so no, which was mortifying.’ According to Daily Star, before Liam jumped onto his apartment ledge to be photographed, he downed six vodka and Red Bulls at a late-night part.

‘Liam had been drinking quite a lot over the two days.. One false move and he could have fallen to his death. It was madness, but at the same time he’s just a young guy having fun. He was out of control going out there after alcohol.

He was hitting the vodka and Red Bulls and there was also beer and champagne flying around. They were all letting their hair down and things got out of control. He knows he was absolutely crazy, but he got carried away.

He’s a very private person and struggles with the constant attention.. So sometimes he goes wild just to escape the pressure of fame. Last weekend was a perfect example of how he pushes things to the limit and risks things.

His bandmates don’t want him to end up doing something stupid that could cost him his life. He’s been texting the other lads about it and saying it was just a moment of madness, but he’s going to tone down the partying for a while and try to keep a low profile.’

Liam’s sister Ruth and Barbara Palvin also got into the Twitter fight.

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  • No

    Tyler is not a journalist, OceanUp.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      is he not? I thought he was a host/broadcast journalist for & buzzfeed, which has got him all those interview opps with 1D…?

      • No


    • blue

      He is a YouTuber… i.e. he makes hilarious videos on YouTube and has like 3 million subscribers.

  • dlovCyr
  • cookie

    Geez what’s wrong with those people taking everything so personnal as if the world revolves around them.
    AS IF.

  • Rosemary

    My God, they whine so much

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Tyler needs to shut it. Like damn it wasn’t even about anyone personally and Liam needs to stop whining it’s so unbecoming. “With the good comes the bad,” it’s life find a way to deal with it. We’re all dealing with it.

    • lol

      true. they are all acting like a bunch of drama queens. its ridiculous because they all have great lives. i dont like one direction anyways and this is why i have never bothered with youtubers. smh

  • ISeeSparksFly

    Aight, Tyler needs to shut the fuck up. HE’S the one being ignorant. Phil Robertson has a damn right to voice his opinion just like everyone else. This is still a free country.

    JUST BECAUSE he doesn’t agree with homosexuality means that he hates gay people and/or is homophobic. Assuming that is completely fucking ridiculous. I bet he’s never even seen an episode of Duck Dynasty in his life, so of course he doesn’t understand that family’s moral convictions.

    I’m all for gay marriage, but I’m so sick of the gay community playing the victim. It’s pretty annoying.

    • ISeeSparksFly

      Doesn’t mean* Damn it.

    • Emmy

      This is so true, I’m all for gay rights, but I do know people – family members or friends who don’t agree with it, but they do not spread hate. Some people just don’t understand, but they are not necessarily bad people.

      I don’t pay attention to Duck Dynasty, but I read the comments he made – they were more vulgar than hateful, and I will continue to ignore reality tv.

  • Stasha

    Wow. Liam just needs to shut up now before he does some serious damage here. If he can’t handle the fame and what comes with that, why did he audition for X Factor twice? Get yourself together man. Also, grammar and punctuation shouldn’t be optional just because it’s twitter.

  • boystan

    i wish what happened yesterday didnt happen

  • boystan


  • March

    Wow… That escalated quickly, lol. You can’t blame Tyler too much for being offended, he only read Liam’s tweet the way it appeared to HIM, aka HIS viewpoint, as we all do. The problem with twitter is that you can post things so quickly, Tyler probably didn’t even give time to think about it, and probably posted that tweet as his immediate reaction to Liam’s Duck Dynasty tweet. Bad idea, but it’s too late for that now. As for me, all I saw from Liam’s tweet was him saying he liked a show and the people on it. It’s pretty clear Liam wasn’t trying to spread hate by it. This situation was just a sad misunderstanding.

    • boystan


  • BrokenArrow18

    Liam you’re my fave