Miley Advised Selena About Bieber Lol

selena-bieber-sex (2)Insider told HEAT that Miley Cyrus tried to get Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together: ‘Miley had a long word with Selena at the Britney concert in Vegas [this month] telling her that she should give Justin another shot. She’s been pulling for them ever since they split.’

Justin and Selena sparked speculation they were back on after Justin posted a picture of them together on Instagram. They were also seen riding Segways around his neighbourhood in Calabasas.

‘Dealing with her breakup from Justin has still been affecting her and she’s been in a bit of a bad place recently. Her family stepped in and basically advised her to either go to therapy or stay with them so they could watch over her. Her team agreed that family time would be best.’

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  • Clauber

    Awww sweethearth <3

  • JUG

    If I were Selena, the only advice I’d take from Miley is about good pot and crotchless panties. On the former, Demi or Joe may actually be a better source.

    • :)

      You have no brains if you believe this shit. SMH at the ignorance.

  • javi g

    what the hell is this shit!!!!, miley giving selena advice? its like a junkie giving advice to a priest. what the hell are this bloggers smoking.

  • Miley Godess

    Miley can give Selena lots of advice.

    When it comes to selecting a mate Miley can give Selena advice.Miley dated a mature and respected A list actor while Selena dates an immature little boy who has sex with hookers,pisses in restaurant buckets and throws eggs on peoples houses.

    She can also give Selena advice on selling records.Bangerz sold 800,000 records and stars dance has sold less then 300,000.

    Miley can also give advice to Selea on touring as Live Nation is paying her 500,000 per show for 38 shows for 19 million dollars.Selena’s tour only grossed 16 million and Selena will only get a small percentage of that
    after tour expenses have been taken out.

    Live Nation and AEG Worldwide are reportedly in a bidding war to win parts of Miley Cyrus’ global tour.

    Live Nation has already agreed to pay upward of $500,000 a night for US dates, according to sources.

    AEG is said to have backed away for now – unable to find a way to
    make the US leg of the tour profitable due to the height of the bids –
    but the rival promoters still have the European tour to fight over.

    Live Nation and AEG in bidding war for Miley Cyrus’ tour

    • javi g

      wait isn’t aeg the same guys who are fighting and potentially screwing the jackson kids over michaels money? those kind of companies screw the talent for the money they really deserve.and by the way the person who really should give advice to selena on touring is not miley it would be miley’s managers,producers you know the people with the real brain.

  • boystan

    lol she gonna give advise on relationships

  • Godney

    People belive this ?

    • javi g

      hey if they believe in a big man dressed in red that give’s gifts to kids they proly believe everything on the internet.

      • Godney

        But santa was real… he was from turky… then USA hide him and said he was from New York… It wasnt dressed in red but it was a man that gave gifs to kids in need.

        DO NOT TELL ME SANTA IS REAL!!! *cries.

        • Godney

          Oh and now xmas is red because of Coca-Cola, because before it was green.